A Woman's Worth: Gathering and Growing

A WOMAN'S WORTH: Remember who you are; BE who you are.

A conversation about discovering and re-discovering WHO you are and WHERE you are going.

Positive, insightful.  A powerful course in self awareness and grounding.

It is not our darkness that frightens us the most; it is our LIGHT.  We are afraid to SHINE Bright.

REMEMBER who you are; BE who you are.

Dare to SHINE... 

This class will help with that.

This is a 7-week confidence-building group coaching course that will call you into your LIGHT, connect you with others on a similar path of awakening, empower, and inspire you.  By the end, you will stand and walk a little taller, with more confidence and deeper KNOWING and CERTAINTY of your WORTH, worthiness, and value.

7 weeks too long of a commitment?  Even ONE SESSION will make a difference.



A Woman's Worth by Marianne Williamson is a primary text for this course.  Additional resources will be provided by the instructor.

  • If you’ve read the book, loved it;
  • If you have not read the book and feel the NEED to;
  • If you need to re-discover yourself;
  • If you need other women to gather with for meaningful conversation;
  • Join me for 7 Wednesday evenings at 7, starting in August
  • The Objective:  Reclaim, affirm, and ENJOY the Queens and Everyday Goddesses we are.

 Session Topics:

  1. Glorious Queens and Slavegirls - And you are?
  2. Internal Light - the part that scares us...
  3. A Magnificent Adventure - Could it be anything else?!
  4. Embracing the Goddess - and breaking glass ceilings...
  5. Sex and Soul - ahh, now we're getting interesting...
  6. A Golden Cord - Daughters of history and mothers to a new world.
  7. The Castle Walls - taking ownership

Get the Book or find your copy and dust it off.

Class size is limited to 7. Register now and reserve your place.

Summer is Growing Season….and self-discovery is a sacred path.

When we discover WHO we ARE, and KNOW our incredible WORTH and Value, we will ENJOY life more fully.  We will be more confident, stronger; we will shine brighter in our beauty and light. 

Name Price Fee
1 Class at a time $15 $0.99
7-Session Course $97 $
Self-Selection Option Unknown

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A Woman's Worth: Gathering and Growing

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