GAINMORE Golf Mind Advantage Open Mind - Singapore

Everyone knows that golf is 90% mental and 10% physics!

Yet, most golfers spend their time learning the 10%.

Finally a sure way to transform your mental golf game alongside your technical improvement.

The Warm Up seminar provides an overview of the GAINMORE Golf Mind Adavntage and practical tools and techniques that you can apply in your practice and your game straight away. Find out how well these tools work for you.
The "Open Mind" seminar is a pre-cursor to the GAINMORE Mind Advantage Course - a Taster seminar if you will - designed to introduce you to the power of your mind in golf.
Do you want to: 
  • Excel in your game and see your results improve on the golf course as you improve on the inside?
  • GAIN the edge that achieves your golfing goals quickly and MORE effectively allowing you to realise the joy of playing GOLF confidently and well?
  • Identify what needs to be done to improve effective performance and how to generate the required change?
  • Eliminate the barriers and achieve new levels of performance for yourself?
Join us for this 2 hour "Open Mind" Seminar and discover how you can:
  • GAIN your edge with tools and techniques used by the elite professionals

  • Leverage the potential of your mind to advance your physical game performance

  • Have clarity and confidence during practice and competition

  • Cultivate focused concentration and put MORE enjoyment back into your GOLF and your life

Mind Advantage Overview

Name Sales End Price
Current GMG Client   Ended $75
Non clients   Ended $95

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