The Sell Dilemma

A panel of three experienced NAIC investors debate why and when to sell stocks.PREREQUISITE: NoneMODERATOR: Brian WhiteDirections: Kennedy Natick Senior Center. The official address is 117 East Central Street. From Rt 27 and Rt 135 intersection going east- Rt 135 is also called East Central Street. The important thing to note is that the senior center is not adjoining Rt 135, so you will not see it from the road.Here are the landmarks that will help in getting to the place easily. The Natick Town Center begins from Rt 135 and Rt 27 intersection. The buildings to note from this intersection going east towards Wellesley: On the left after the Middlesex Bank are: The Natick library, the police station, the fire station, then a blinking light, and St Patrick's Church. Then a stop light and Union Street on the right and Marion street on left ( forms a 30 degree angle). 600 yards from the intersectionGo past this intersection and on the right at the corner is a Sovereign bank, Nicholas restaurant ,an old Armory, a white house and the road to the district court and the senior center. There is a sign post indicating the 2 buildings,unfortunately it is slightly hidden by tree branches and so it is not seen during the evening hours. From the previous intersection to this point is 250 yards. If you proceed further another 200 yards on the left is a small strip mall and Golden auto sales- if you see this, then you have gone beyond the center.If you are coming on Rt 135 from Wellesley going west, your land mark on the right is the strip mall-Children Orchard and Gildden Auto Sales buildings. 100 yards from here on the left is the sign post to the district courts and Senior center. If you miss this entrance you will pass the white house, Armory, Nicholas restaurant, Sovereign bank and Union street intersection. Don' worry take a left turn on to Union Street. The first left is the bank entrance and the second opening after you pass West View road on the right is a private road between an office building and 10 union Street an apartment building. This private driveway will bring you to the senior center parking and building. Do not go more than 300 yards on this road -Union street.

Name Sales End Price
Paid by October 14, 2004 Ended $10
After October 14, 2004 Ended $15

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