Work Shop on "How to Make Money in the Mortgage Meltdown"

Work Shop on "How to Make Money in the Mortgage Meltdown"

When: Saturday, June 21, 2008 at 8:00 AM to 4:00pm

Where:Crowne Plaza Hotel
7800 Alpha Road 635LBJ/Coit & Alpha
Dallas , TX 75240
 972 233-7600 

Who should come

Anyone who is interest in investing in Real Estate


To learn how to invest in todays Real Estate Market increase your Knowledge and Wealth

How to find the organizer(s)

"A sign in table will be in front of the Meeting room"

Workshop Fee

USD99.00 per person or USD 149.00 per Couple


Bob Leonetti ALL DAY EVENT

You are Invited!!

The next 15 months will be the RICHEST in the last 25 years, but only for those Real Estate Investors who get it!!

Will you be one of them?

Join us on Saturday, June 21st, as we literally give you the keys to the proverbial vault and show you how to thrive in today9s market !

If you are worried about investing in today9s changing real estate market, you are not alone! Over 260 Lenders have gone out of business, the real estate market has slowed down on both Coasts, and foreclosures are higher than they have ever been! And you know what? If you truly understand the business, this is the most exciting news to come along this generation!

If you want to learn, FIRST HAND, how to benefit from the Lender9s woes, you simply must attend this incredible workshop. The last time the real estate market presented this unique opportunity to make so much money was back in the days of the RTC. And there is no one better than Bob, a former owner and CEO of a mortgage bank, to share the secrets the banks do not want you to know secrets that are literally the keys to unlock the proverbial vault.

Do you and your family a huge favor call  (972) 669-1017  and sign-up for Bob9s All-Day Workshop before the few seats we have left are gone! Bob is one of our favorite speakers and we are excited to have him back! This is a rare opportunity to spend one ENTIRE day with him learning strategies for the changing market not only in residential real estate, but also in commercial real estate. And, he is even going to reveal how to do short sales without the hassles of dealing with the lender or the homeowner!

Bob9s techniques are cutting-edge and timely in today9s market. Several of our club members have attended his workshop and LOVED it! Speaking of which he would love to show you in person how YOU can take advantage of today9s mortgage market mess like never before 2008 and 2009 will bring incredible opportunities for mind-blowing wealth in real estate for those who get in now, take action, and learn the secrets for today9s investing.

Here are only a few of the things you will learn first-hand:

Why 2008 / 2009 will be the Absolute Best Years Real Estate Investors Have Seen in Over two Decades!!
How to Offer Seller Financing (essential to flipping property in a slowing-market) and Still Get Paid Off at Closing!
How to resurrect the super-profitable deals you have been throwing in the trash! ? LOSE the bid at a foreclosure auction, and STILL make a hefty profit!
How to Put Tax-Free Cash in Your Pocket When You Buy the Property!
How to Buy a Property for $200K and sell it for $200K, and STILL make a $20K profit!
How to Control Real Estate and Make Huge Profits with Bad Paper from Banks
How to Buy Property, Give the Seller Cash, and Still Escape the Hoops of Conventional and Hard-Money Lending!
How YOU can do this all with No Tenants, No Partners, No Banks, No Hard Money, No Loans, and No Real Estate Licenses.

DATE: Saturday, June 21, 2008
TIME: 7:30 am (registration) Workshop Starts Promptly at 8:00 am
LOCATION: The Crowne Plaza 7800 Alpha Road 635LBJ/Coit & Alpha
Dallas, TX 75240

Bob Leonetti has helped more regular people just like you to make money with real estate paper and low money down note and paper strategies than almost anyone else in the United States. With more than 18 years teaching/coaching experience, thousands of satisfied students, 8 books and countless educational seminars, video, audio and other real estate finance products to his credit, no one knows ins and outs of the note and paper business like Bob.

He is a licensed Mortgage Banker, former Mortgage Broker, and currently president of Austin-based SMI Funding, a spinoff from the company he founded in 1992 and took public in 2000: Success Financial Services Group.

He currently refers to himself as a "recovering" mortgage banker, and spends his time pursuing his passions of real estate investing, writing, teaching, and of course, cooking and winemaking. Come join him on June 21st at 8:00am as he discusses: "How the Massive Mortgage Market Mess has Created the Greatest Opportunity for Profits in Real Estate, Notes, and Paper in the Past 20 years!"


Name Sales End Price Fee
Workshop Ended $99 $2.48
Workshop Ended $149 $3.73

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