Throw-Away But Recycle: How Scrum Affects the PMO

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In large organizations, agile practices and processes are often introduced bottom-up where they create pockets of agility. While these pockets exchange agile techniques and practices they also spread out into other units. The network of these pockets creates a sense of unity and camaraderie among the agile workforce. After reaching a critical mass, this agile spirit is extremely infectious and will sooner or later target other units within the organization as well, for example the project management office (PMO).

During this session, Jochen (Joe) Krebs will give an overview of common PMO charters in traditionally managed organization. He will then highlight how these responsibilities will change when Scrum is introduced to an organization and what the benefits of such a transformation will be. Joe will share real-life examples from past engagements and his current work as Director of Program Management at AOL.

The speaker, who will raffle a copy of his recently published book  "Agile Portfolio Management" during the event, will also present how typical agile metrics can be leveraged on the PMO level.   

About our Speaker

Jochen (Joe) Krebs ( ) is an accomplished agile mentor and instructor. He is the Director for Program Management at AOL based in New York where he is responsible for the successful adoption of agile processes across the enterprise.  During his 15+ years professional career he has worked directly across industries in several different roles for example as an object-oriented developer, project manager, instructor, consultant or mentor. He is the author of "Agile Portfolio Management" and numerous articles as well as speaker at conferences and local chapters.

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