FREE Workshop, "Moving Forward with Purpose & Passion"

Join me ,via telephone, and learn how to harness your natural momentum and move forward with purpose and passion. Limited to 8 participants. 60 minute workshop.

  • Take Back Control of Your Life
  • Recognize What’s Important
  • Make conscious Choices Where to Put Your Precious Time, Money and Energy
  • Align Your Thoughts with Your Actions

·         Upcoming Dates (please check to sign up and view additional dates and times)

·         May 19th 12 PM

·         June 4th, 11th, 18th, & 25th 8 PM

·         June 9th 12 PM

Step Out of the passenger Seat and Grab the Steering Wheel!


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... sitting at home alone. I was reminded of the importance of balance, prioritizing, practicing new skills, facing fear & moving forward with purpose & passion.

Coping/Managing Stress and Anxiety

You can find Therapydoc’s original post, “Coping/Managing Stress and Anxiety,” by clicking here ... deals with people who are non-compliant with free medical advice. We call it managing stress these days, not handling, not even coping.

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