Our Time - [18 mo. - 3 yrs.] - Zoo Train - Tuesdays, June 3rd - 11:15 AM - 5 weeks

Zoo Train!

Your toddler and the train make a natural match—always on the move. Tag along this summer with a traveling zoo train. Bring your own stuffed animals for the petting zoo. Wear long white socks on your hands for polar bear paws and learn about real animals in the zoo. Sing songs for clapping time, and use music to help toddlers regulate emotions. Each weekly class lasts 45 minutes.  Home Materials include: Book, CD, Animal Shaker, and Poster.


This is a 5 week class.

Name Sales End Price
Registration/Tuition/Home Materials - 1 child   Ended $90
Sibling Registration - Tuition/Sibling Kit   Ended $50
Registration Only - 1 child   Ended $50

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