How to Make a Budget


All the information that9s essential
for making a REALISTIC film budget.

How is it done? 
What do the pros know
that lets them delivers detailed, accurate budgets,
show after show, job after job?  

Finally, here is the class that explains budgeting. Hands-on and how-to. 

Using real numbers and real situations, everything is explained.  From loading a Chart of Accounts to using templates, from good shortcuts (and bad) to the role (and cost) of every production job.

This is the heart of filmmaking. 
And it9s absolutely essential information
if you9re thinking of making movies.

Name Sales End Price Fee
1st Sale Ended $50 $1.25
Standard Sale Ended $75 $1.88
Student (ID Required) Ended $50 $1.25
Scholarship (Inquire First) Ended $50 $1.25

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