April Meeting: An Introduction To Scrum

4/2/2008 Meeting: An Introduction To Scrum

Please join us for a entertaining and interactive session! As always, we’ll have FREE food, drinks, and prizes for attending!

Stephen Swienton
Stephen Swienton
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For our April, 2008 meeting, we9re psyched to welcome back Stephen Swienton. He is a repeat speaker for NDDNUG, a local ASP.NET MVP, and is a Certified Scrummaster. Stephen is going to present an in-depth look at the Agile/Scrum development approach and how it can benefit your development environment.



Introduction To Scrum
Wednesday, April 2, 2008
Intuit9s Headquarters in Plano Texas!


Session Summary

You have probably heard the terms "Agile" and "Scrum" a lot in the software industry, but what do they mean? In this presentation - we will explore what it means to truly be "Agile" and how Scrum helps you deliver and manage (exceedingly complex) software projects. We will go over the basic tenants of Scrum including the Team: are you a "Pig" or a "Chicken"?, ScrumMaster, and Product Owner; as well as the rules and meetings that guide the process: Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospective. There is no "Right Way" to do Scrum, so we will encourage audience feedback and Q&A to learn how others are using Scrum, as its implementation can vary greatly from organization to organization.


Speaker Bio

Stephen Swienton started developing web pages with ASP in 1996 and has since specialized in developing web sites with Microsoft Technologies, focusing primarily on ASP.NET. More recently, Stephen has shed his "full-time" development hat and is now a Certified ScrumMaster at his current employer, ThinkCash. Although not developing full time, Stephen remains focused on promoting ASP.NET (and .NET) in the community. His community involvement includes: President of the Fort Worth .NET User Group, ASPInsider (founding board member), Microsoft MVP, and member of the South Central District Developer Guidance Council. When he is not "Scruming", Stephen continues to develop with ASP.NET and explore the new .NET technologies - particularly SilverLight. Stephen received his bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems and Quantitative Business Analysis from Baylor University.

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