May 1, 2008 - Preconference Session B005 - Peter Ramsdell - TextHelp's Read & Write GOLD Literacy Support

An in-depth review of Texthelp9s Read&Write GOLD literacy support software. Do you have students who are falling behind due to reading and writing difficulties? Are they spending too much time decoding every word and then losing the meaning of the sentence? Do their writing assignments meet the minimum words required? Do they stop and struggle with misspelled words causing them to lose their thought and become frustrated? Are they using the web for research, but are unable to organize what they find? Are their struggles with reading and writing lowering their self-esteem?

Please come to this session to learn how Read&Write GOLD will help your struggling students become better independent students who enjoy reading and writing and; improve their self-esteem in the process. This preconference session will take a more in-depth look athow to use Read&Write GOLD to help your students improve reading, writing and research outcomes and how teachers can prepare assignments and tests using Microsoft Word with struggling students in mind.

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Preconference Session B005 without CEUs   Ended $6

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