Let Go My Ego? Is it necessary for spiritual living? (Teleseminar)

Monday May 12

6:00-7:00 PM Pacific

Let Go My Ego? Is it necessary for spiritual living?


Is it necessary to let go of your ego in order to live a spiritual life?  The answer is ‘No.”  There are many things to consider along with that question in this ninety-minute teleseminar. 

·         What is the purpose of the ego?

·         Is there a time to check the ego?

·         How does the ego work with Soul?

·         What would happen if I didn’t have an ego?

·         Why do many spiritual paths treat the ego as the enemy?

·         How do I strike a healthy balance of ego and Soul?

·         Why should I?

All this and the opportunity to engage in the dialogue, ask your questions and share your wisdom. Join with other spiritually-minded folks to gain greater clarity on this important issue.

Monday May 12 - 6 PM Pacific
60 minutes with Q & A

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