What Makes What Works Work: Logic of Evaluation and Causality

Claremont Graduate University will be offering a one-time event to allow participants from across the globe a chance to learn the fundamentals of Evaluation Science from one of the founders and deep thinkers in the field.

The Logic of Evaluation and Causality: What Makes What Works Work, is a combination of an overview of the discipline, with the reasons for thinking that it is a discipline, with an outline of the basic concepts that work across all subdivisions of the field, ie., personnel and product evaluation (and seven more) as well as program evaluation.

An overview will also be given of the two sides in the 9causal wars9 and a summary of the case for doing something other than treating the randomly controlled trial (RCT) approach as 9the gold standard9 by introducing a new model for all causal investigations.

The program is designed to be completed from a distance with the aid of electronic video and voice contact, electronic whiteboard, and asynchronous access to the recordings of each class.

Dr. Michael Scriven will be leading this two-weekend seminar (April 26-27 and May 3-4, 2008).  Each session will last from 10 am to 1 pm, PST.  This course is recommended for evaluators with an interest in the questions that underlie all of our practice.

Cost: $250 (plus online registration fee)
First Virtual Meeting: Saturday, April 26, at 10 am
Technical Requirements: High-speed internet access (DSL or Cable); Microphone and speakers; Webcam suggested
Required Readings: Familiarity with Evaluation Methodology Basics: The Nuts and Bolts of Sound Evaluation by E. Jane Davidson highly recommended. Other readings will be made available after registration.

Name Price Fee
Participant $250 $6.25

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