Showbiz Budgeting

Learn how to get the most from thefilm industry9s most versatile, multi-faceted, all-in-one budgetingprogram.  Showbiz is the only program that can change its look and feelto churn out standardized AICPforms, deliver full-blown feature budgets or long-run TV episodics.  Noother program offers this chameleon-like approach to filmmaking,changing formto suit every project.

Showbiz Budgeting tracks vendors, too, tallies petty cash and compares actualcosts to the original budget. 

Run a small production office on it.  DeliverAICP/AICE forms.  Budget endless episodes(plus amortized costs) of a TV series.  Learnthe tips & tricks that make this program magic, inside & out.  Incredibly complex and versatile, yet stunningly easy touse. 

Each class runs for 90 minutes of hands-ontraining plus 30 minutes of private instructions or Q&A. 

Name Sales End Price Fee
On Sale Ended $100 $2.5
First Sale Ended $55 $1.38
Student (ID Required) Ended $70 $1.75
Working Scholarship (Inquire First) Ended $65 $1.62

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