The 4 Secrets You Need to Take Control of Cash Flow

Don't miss out on Call #1 of my educational FREE TELECLASS SERIES in March 2008!

"Learn the Simple System to Take Control of Your Cash Flow in Just 15 Minutes per Week … So You Never Are Surprised About Your Checking Account Balance Ever Again!"

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During these free calls you'll learn:

- The 4 secrets why you are not in control of cash flow, even if you are doing what all the "experts" say you should do.

- How to make powerful decisions about pricing, whether to launch a new product or service, and if a joint venture is a good investment for your business.

- The 2 financial reports you MUST use … and neither of them come out of QuickBooks!

- My personal story of how I went from boom-and-bust income, bounced checks, and using personal credit cards for my business, to taking being control of my cash flow in just 15 minutes per week.

- How other business owners just like you have used these strategies & tools to troubleshoot income and reduce stress about their finances.

All you need to participate in these free calls is a phone. You simply call into a conference call line at the appointed time to join in the call.

Just sign up and you'll receive the complete call details via message:

I look forward to speaking with you!

**BTW, the call will be recorded, so feel free to sign up to get the .mp3 file link!**

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