CBIC Morning Education: Second Life

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How to Do Real-Life Business in a Virtual World
CBIC brings Second Life to Charlottesville!

Virtual town squareOne of the hottest new Internet trends, Second Life, is a 3-D virtual world created by its residents. It9s also the newest marketplace where entrepreneurs, companies and non-profit organizations are now doing real-world business. Jason Hull, a principal at OpenSource Connections, and AC Capehart, studio director at Second Life9s parent company, Linden Lab, will introduce the virtual world and talk about its business potential.

They will show how the virtual world works and how this innovative application is changing the way many companies conduct daily business. "Both entrepreneurs and big companies like IBM are getting into Second Life for a variety of real-world activities," says Mr. Hull. "It’s fascinating to look at how they’re doing it. It used to be science fiction, and now it’s actually happening."

Organizations ranging from IBM to Lego, Warner Brothers Records, Starwood Hotels, Reuters, Dartmouth College and many others, are now using Second Life to attract new customers, conduct internal business, hold events, raise funds and carry out many other activities.

 Residents of Second Life are represented by avatars who live, do business, and pursue leisure activities in the virtual world. They buy and sell goods and services using Linden dollars, which can be converted to real US dollars.

To learn more about Second Life, visit http://secondlife.com. Information about OpenSource Connections is available at http://opensourceconnections.com, and Linden Lab at http://lindenlab.com.

About Jason Hull

Jason Hull is a principal at OpenSource Connections and manages business development and business processes for the company.  A graduate of the United States Military Academy with an MBA from the University of Virginia Darden Graduate School of Business, Jason draws upon his extensive military and business experience to solve problems.  As a tank platoon leader and a tank company executive officer during his two tours of duty in Bosnia, Jason served in multiple leadership positions in the Army. After graduate school, Jason served as a director of analysis for Capital One, managing call center forecasting, technology, and agent performance.

About AC Capeheart

AC Capeheart is a studio director at Linden Lab (lindenlab.com) in the San Francisco Bay area. He is a project leader and senior technical resource for back-end bulling integration, fraud and risk work. An alumnus of the University of Virginia with an MCS in Human Computer Interaction, AC was director of operations at Kesmai Corp., director of online operations at EA.com, and principal in Chaos Limited, LLC.

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