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Quantum Wealth - Hawaiian Style  

It begins just after arrival, when that jet door opens. Suddenly there9s that soft air and the scent of sweet flowers. It9s at that moment that you finally realize, "Yes, I9m in Hawaii..."
Can you imagine?

Hawaii is loaded with "bests," "world-classes" and other superlatives: the best beaches, sunsets, views, scenery, surfing, hotels and resorts, restaurants, all enhanced by the Spirit of Aloha. "No ka Oi" in Hawaiian means "it9s the best." 

And now Hawaii is getting the best of Alchemy.

We are thrilled to unveil our newest…

Introducing Quantum Wealth.

Quantum breakthroughs.
Quantum learning.
Quantum wellness.
Quantum fun!

In a world where not many things are included, we like to make it easy and include a whole lot to make your week unforgettable.

Gorgeous accommodations?  Included.
Gourmet breakfast and lunch?  Included.
Daily yoga classes?  Included.
Food for your brain?  Included.
The best in relationship consciousness. Included.
Cellular level over-the-top body experiences?  Included.
Easy releases for emotional blocks?  Included.
Live role plays to practice?  Included.
Laser and one on one personal coaching?  Included.
A chance to explore Hawaii on your own? Included.
Time to do absolutely nothing but relax? Included.
A path to enlightenment?  Included.
A conscious community of like-minded people?  Included.

Did we mention the aromatherapy massage?  Included!
The Alchemy Network Retreats
Are you ready to have more joy, more money and more health than you have ever imagined or thought possible?

Then you are ready for Hawaii.
And ready to experience Quantum Wealth.

Our location is a dream:

"The charming and expansive "Ocean House" is literally located on the shore of Lanikai Beach. Voted the most beautiful beach in the United States, waves gently lapping on the sand can be heard from every room in this newly renovated quaint beach bungalow. A perfect gathering place, "Ocean House" offers a warm atmosphere and the ambiance reminiscient of old time family getaways. You9ll enjoy the casual comfort of the Great Room with its unbelievable view of the Mokulua Islands and daily sightings of sea turtles swimming just offshore.."

Yes, that, indeed, is Hawaii.


Smell the air.
Swim in the sea.
Walk in the forest.
Take your whole life to over-the-top.

Arrive with any challenge, limiting belief or hurt you9ve ever had... take it from "Good to Great".
Leave empowered, renewed and transformed.

We guarantee it.

Hawaii9s best is waiting for you!
We begin on Sunday March 30th at 7:00 PM and live, learn & love our time together to Friday April 4th 11:00 AM.

Here9s the Miracle: This $4500 retreat is now available for 
$2250, or just $3997 for a couple or a couple of friends.You must register by Monday March 17th, Midnight .  Inexpensive air fares are available with Air Canada, Hawaiian Air, Westjet and others. 

Call Jennie at (604) 709 3691 with any questions.           


More details can be found at


100% Money-Back Guarantee

The Alchemy 100% Guarantee: If after attending the Life Bliss Retreat, you don’t feel you have learned enough to at justify your investment, simply let us know. We’ll give you a complete refund on the spot.

The Alchemy Network Retreats

Name Sales End Price
Quantum Wealth Retreat - Hawaii   Ended $2250
Quantum Wealth Retreat - Hawaii - Couple   Ended $3997

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