Subject To Strategies

This full day workshop will cover all aspects of the Subject To process and give you all the information you need to start doing Subject To immediately.

Here9s a partial list of what we will cover:

  • How to buy "Subject To" step by step!!
  • How to buy homes with absolutely no credit or proof of income!  
  • How to get sellers to beg you to take their properties!  
  • How to create immediate cash flow! 
  • How to create years of cash flow by providing the financing for your buyers!  
  • How to avoid the "due on sale" clause and make any loan an "assumable" loan! 
  • How to use Land Trusts to avoid "Due on Sale" issues! 
  • Step-by-step how to easily "take over" your seller9s payments and in the safest and easiest way possible!! 
  • How to stay in control of the deal at all times and why this is crucial!

And Much, Much, More! All day intense learning!

Speaker: Tres Moss of Trendspring

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