Workshop "Take Me To Truth" undoing the ego

Come and Experience the most Transformative WORKSHOP you could imagine!

Transforming "Special Relationship" into Holy Relationship

With Tomas Vieira & Nouk Sanchez

Leaders in ACIM teachings


Living examples of a Holy Relationship 

This one day event we will hear about the meaning of love through the dismantling of our old relationship in the quest for a Holy Relationship (Unified Relationship). We can bravely surrender  the ego props of judgment, expectation and guilt and start  to see each other as a part of One Self, and practice truly seeing each other. As we learn to accept each other without the usual judgments, and underpinned by the desire and willingness for the highest outcome for each other regardless of our fears, we can grow to experience a Love that exceeds our wildest imaginings. In seeing the other as yourself, the parts of ego that previously kept you trapped in a dualistic world fall  away and all of a sudden you?re seeing, and experiencing another dimension here while you?re in the dream. ACIM calls this ?The Happy Dream?.

We hear so much about ?Oneness? in spiritual teachings but rarely do we get to witness and really participate in its awesome dynamic. That?s because we don?t practice Oneness consistently. Every time we take offence we?re not seeing Oneness, we?re seeing duality and reinforcing it in our perception. To see Oneness we must practice it! Its miracle can only be known through extending it in spite of what the ego interprets as threat. For instance if someone offends you, you realize two things, 1. That this is your own projection, and 2. That the offence is coming from their ego. Any attack or judgment is always a cry for love and being so, it deserves a loving response which is always forgiveness. The only way to reach a critical mass in terms of manifesting miracles and undoing the ego is to consistently practice the dynamic of forgiveness. 

?The Miracle will justify your faith in it?.

Tomas and Nouk are living proof of what True Love is by there desire and willingness for the highest outcome for each other and the practice of truly seeing each other.
Spending a day with these two people is a life changing experience, so come join in this extraordinary event.

Saturday May 22nd. 2010

Cost: $100.00

To register call : Sharalee at  780-436-7110

or e-mail :

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You are the Truth Ended $199 $6.12

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