Women's Sacred Anatomy with Ellen Heed and Assistant Chanel Luck

Introduction to the Women's Sacred Anatomy Project


This introductory one-day workshop for women only identifies and defines the function and location of female sensual and sexual anatomy.


Using richly illustrated lecture, provocative dialogue and a detailed textbook, Ellen will answer your questions and demystify the complex organization of tissues that provide access to our deepest pleasures.


This revolutionary revisioning of our sexual selves invites us to open our awareness to the fullness of our ecstatic potential. The goal of this workshop is to initiate an ongoing process of sexual empowerment through the understanding of accurate anatomical information and conscious (private) self-exploration. The pathway to the deepest sexual and personal healing begins with this basic information describing how we are put together.


In future (more experiential) workshops, Ellen will provide personal guidance to begin to use self-pleasuring, breathe, and group support as a gateway to open the meridian system of the energy body. She will explain and demonstrate how to move orgasmic pleasure all the way through each meridian.


Get set for the sex education we never got!


What to expect:
A step-by-step lecture using a fantastic textbook which thoroughly describes the anatomy of the pelvic floor. We will also explore the special energetics of each tissue in our pelvis, from bone and connective tissue to muscles and the emotions they hold. We will use tantric pranayama practice to awaken and strengthen pelvic floor muscles, and gentle yoga to melt hips open and access the emotions that can lock us up and keep us numb. We will learn to release emotional holding in the pelvis using gentle bodywork techniques. There will be no nudity or genital contact in this workshop. There will be ample time provided to answer your questions about:

  • Creating safe sexual space
  • Non-toxic birth control methods
  • Understanding the phases of increasing our arousal
  • Locating the G-spot
  • Demystifying female ejaculation
  • Responsible communication with your partner

What to wear:
Comfortable, loose clothing and/or yoga clothing


What to bring:
Your questions, a yoga mat and/or blanket, a notebook and a snack to share


Name Sales End Price Fee
Women's Sacred Anatomy- Early Bird Ticket Ended $100 $2.5
Women's Sacred Anatomy Ended $125 $3.12

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