"Selling for Maximum Impact"

"Selling for Maximum Impact"


Thomas Watson, Sr. said, Nothing happens until someone sells something. Many folks in the small business community still lack the appropriate strategy and mindset to improve their sales.

  • This presentation will teach how to sell for maximum impact in the small business community.
  • The first step is to face reality and overcome the fears and limiting beliefs that hold you back from success. The second step is to learn a proven sales process called the R.E.A.D. model, which focuses on relationship based sales.
  • Lastly, you must look at how to effectively develop a commitment from your future client. The benefits of learning from this presentation and taking action will ultimately lead to more money, freedom, and fun.

Key Takeaways:

How to:

1) Build a strong relationship with your clients
2) Establish a Need
3) Advance a tailored solution
4) Develop a Commitment

-Understand what your customers are buying -Realize the importance of knowing your closing ratio -Learn how to bridge the gap between features and benefits -Discover the costly words to avoid in the sales process

11:30am - 11:50am Networking / Lunch Orders are Placed
11:50am - 12noon Round Table Introductions of Members and Guests
12noon - 1pm Presentation by Speaker
1pm - 1:30pm Q&A / Conclusion / Final Networking Opportunities



About the presenter:

Jared Polak is the Owner of The Growth Coach in Houston, TX, a business coaching franchise that focuses on helping business owners, professionals, and executives be more effective, earn more money, and work less. Out of the 160 Growth Coach Franchises across 43 states, Jared is the youngest member to be awarded a Franchise. Jared is a sought-after public speaker and thought-leader in the business coaching space, and believes forward thinking leaders and business owners must include a business coach in their strategic leadership team. He is passionate about helping business owners balance their business and personal lives, and his favorite speaking topic is Selling for Maximum Impact. Jared utilizes a powerful repertoire of experienced business coaches to facilitate The Growth Coachs proven coaching system. The entire team is certified in Strategic Mastery and Strategic Mindset, and they all bring a myriad of talents and experience to the coaching process.

He is joyfully married and his wife Amy shares in his entrepreneurial spirit by developing a family-owned non-profit organization.

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