"Pay Off Your Student Loan Debt"

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Please Post, Announce, Distribute or Forward--------------------------------------------CONTACT: TJ WNoBG (866) 853-8539 Email: news@wnobg.org Web: www.WNoBG.com--------------------------------------------BLACKGRADUATES.COM WILL HELP GRADUATES PAY OFF STUDENT LOAN DEBTSNew Grants, Awards, Scholarships and Other Student Debt Reduction Programs to be Announced at the WNoBG Student Debt Reduction Conference on October 1st, in Atlanta, GA.Atlanta, GA -- July 23, 2005 -- BlackGraduates.com and the Worldwide Network of Black Graduates announced today their plan to give away up to $100,000 in grants, awards and scholarships in 2006. The purpose for these new programs is to help Americans better afford the exorbitant cost of attending college without plummeting into bad credit and debt after graduation; and to assist those who have. Thousands will be awarded as grants, to graduates, and as scholarships, to college students and college-bound high school seniors. These funding programs are awarded on a highly competitive, first-come basis. Each program has its own set of eligibility requirements. Some of the programs reward recipients for business, community and civic leadership while others are open to all applicants. One program in particular is similar to AmeriCorps whereby a participant may perform part-time volunteer work for the nonprofit organization, in exchange the volunteer receives a $2,400 Student Loan Debt Reduction Grant at the end of one year. Another type of aid is awarded to essayists with the most compelling stories of why they deserve the financial assistance. For more information, attend an application workshop. To be considered for these financial aid programs, interested candidates may:* Apply online at http://FinancialAid.WNoBG.org , OR * Attend the WNoBG Student Debt Reduction Conference in Atlanta, GA on Saturday, October 1st, and benefit from an application workshop that offers full program details, tips and a Q&A session. The WNoBG Student Debt Reduction Conference will feature expert panelists covering the following topics:* How to qualify and apply for the WNoBG Student Loan Debt Reduction Aid programs. - Panelist: WNoBG* Why you should care about paying off your student loan debt as soon as possible. - Panelist: Fannie Mae* How to avoid loan default and bad credit when you can?t afford to pay. - Panelist: Federal Student Aid* The degree to which student loan debt affects your personal credit. - Panelist: Equifax and TRW* How to negotiate payment arrangements you can afford. - Panelist: U.S. Department of Education* What to do if you have bad credit from a student loan debt. - Panelist: Consumer Credit Counseling Svc* How to get your loan out of default and repair your credit rating now. - Panelist: TransUnion* What it means to consolidate and whether consolidation is advised. - Panelist: Student Loan ConsolidatorSpace is limited. For time and place, register at http://EventRegistration.WNoBG.org . WNoBG is nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. Please donate: $10 Members / $35 Non-Members.Interested in being a panelist, volunteer, sponsor, partner or a vendor? Call 4043995992.For Worldwide Network of Black Graduates membership info, visit www.Members.WNoBG.org .----------------------------------(Continued, page 2)------------------------------------According to a recently published U.S. Census Bureau report on educational statistics, 89% of African Americans borrow money to attend college. After one year of graduation, 88.7% are employed full-time but only 18.7% are repaying loans. WNoBG thinks this is not some evil scheme to dup the system and get over, but rather it is purely a lack of sufficient information about how to affordably manage loan repayment. Many students gladly opt for student loans expecting to be gainfully employed after graduation and financially capable of repaying these loans, only to be surprised by the high monthly payment minimums. Unfortunately few programs offer assistance after graduation. WNoBG aims to address this need area."When I first starting receiving notices about repaying my student loan, I was ready to begin payments without hesitation. That was until I received the first bill. I had no idea that I would have to pay $250 a month! I couldn't afford that. I was expecting something like $50. I just didn't know," stated one recent graduate. Actually, the majority don't understand the full post-undergraduate impact of student loans. WNoBG (pronounced win-big), is the Worldwide Network of Black Graduates, a nonprofit 501(c)3 membership association sponsored by B.R.O.S., foundation #1017788 at the National Heritage Foundation. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, WNoBG is the largest international organization of college-educated professionals of color in the world with over 1,000,000 members and growing. The WNoBG mission is to:* Help reduce the country?s public debt according to the U.S. Department of the Treasury; * Ease the financial burden on the U.S. Department of Education; * Repay banks and other finance institutions for the revenues lost on unpaid loans; * Help graduates focus on career success vs. debt to maximize quality of contributions to society; * Help boost the economy - locally, nationally and globally; and * Improve the quality of life for graduates.Want to join the Worldwide Network of Black Graduates? Visit www.Members.WNoBG.org .BlackGraduates.com is the online home for WNoBG.Interested in volunteering, sponsoring, or partnering with WNoBG? Call TJ (404) 399-5992.#####CONTACT: TJ WNoBG (866) 853-8539 Email: news@wnobg.org Website: www.wnobg.org

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