Wiz Through Excel - 29 June 2009

Suffering from Excel Exasperation?

Having trouble with spreadsheets and formulae?

Ever wondered if there was a quicker way to achieve the same results?

If you answered yes to any of the above then this seminar is for you...

In 2 hours we will show you 10 useful tools and tips that will save you hours of time and frustration and ultimately save you money!!

Look whats covered in this seminar....

Re-typing Syndrome Cure

Spend less time retyping information into your spreadsheet with these time-saving tools


Sifting & Sorting Solutions

Three time-saving tools to manage spreadsheets and data easily

How to sort multiple columns at the same time!

How to filter your data and only to see certain subsets of data

How to freeze column headings so you always see what the data is referring to


Panic-Free Printing

How to have all of your data fit on the page when printing


Formatting Fun

The easy way to make different cells look the same, with the same borders and font styles

How to have your figures change colour depending on a condition.


Killer Keyboard Shortcuts

Do you spend lots of time going through menus to find what you want to do? Learn how to do things quickly through our top keyboard shortcut tips


Riveting Pivot Tables

So you've got a whole load of data.... But wish you could create some great summary statistics with it. Let us show you how pivot tables can do that for you in a jiffy!


Fabulous Formulae

Want to sum a row of figures? Want to take away two numbers? Or find the average or a row of figures? Or a percentage? Find out how easy it is to construct formulae from scratch!


Common Conundrums Cleared Up

Having trouble fitting the text in the cell? Mysterious #### symbols appearing?

We explain why and what to do (very simply!)


“Invaluable – will save me hours of time for the rest of my life!”
Helen Lowrie, Garden Designer

"My knowledge of Excel isn’t great and this seminar has really helped"
Chris Holt, Wenta

"All I can say is that Pivot Tables have revolutionised my spreadsheets!!"
Anne-Marie Mittleman, A Virtual Angel

“Fantastic tips which will add value to my day to day accounting/cashflow maintenance. Thank you”
Brigitte Bellwood, Resolutions Personal Fitness Training

"These tips are invaluable"
Hazel Mardell, Senova

This seminar assumes delegates have at least a basic knowledge of Excel.


Name Sales End Price Fee
Wiz Through Excel 29 June 2009 Ended £35 £0.88
Athena Deal   Ended £17.5 £0.5

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