Imbolc Celebration

Welcome to "The Bliss".

Welcome to Imbolc.

With Musical Guests:

The 'Treveling Fates presented by

Skinny White Chick'



Fire Performances by:

Sooj & Kevin of Skinny White Chick

& by Talyn Songdog and others

No dying, no letting go, no painful reminiscing, no transforming, or facing our fears here.  We are in the Elysian Fields, known to some as Heaven. Now you have released the old year, and returned to your Immortal self, you are able to embrace the unique perspective of Epimetheus and Prometheus. Here you have hindsight and foresight.


During this time of year, we are between incarnations. We experience our higher selves, and plan what we will do when we reincarnate in the spring.


Appropriate temple offerings for this time of year include candles, lamp oil, metal tiki torches, and light bulbs.


Times: Saturday, February 7, Begin arriving 6:30pm, performances begin at 7pm-pm

Location: Los Charros on Old Salem Rd, in Conyers, GA

Tickets: $10.00 early purchase, $12.00 door, Performers are FREE

The Monologues

All members of the community are welcome to participate in expressing our worship to the Gods through invocation and emodiment.  If you would like to join in the performance, we have room for 20 Gods or Goddesses, so register now.  Come dressed up and ready to tell us about yourself for about 2 minutes, then The monologues are performed by each individual by means of invocation.Research a deity of your choosing any GOD/DESS of any pantheon. Examplesof things you might want to include are:

  • Name -
  • Origin -
  • Descendant of -
  • divine purpose -
  • Followers -
  • Achievements -
  • Cities named after them -
  • Consort(s) -
  • Children -
  • Sacred symbols, plants, animals, ect. -



You will have to invoke your deity. That means you need to know how to invoke. This class is not yet available on the new site, so revisit the old one.CostumingWhen you give your monologue you will need to be dressed and present how your deity would appear.I am looking forward to seeing everyone's invocation.


Much love,


Name Sales End Price
Early Registration Ended $9.99
At the Door Ended $11.99
Performers   Ended Free

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