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“Here’s how to achieve the success

you have always dreamed of…”

When you connect with universal power the sky’s the limit to your dreams, goals and desires. Once you discover the secret to unleashing this amazing power you’ll immediately relinquish fears and negative vibrations that have been holding your dreams hostage!


Dear Friends,

Hello and welcome, my name is Betty, my friends call me Wise Betty and I have been working with spirit guides for over 25yrs. I specialize in a very powerful form of spiritual communication called Karmic Channeling aka Angelic Channeling.

For those of you who have never heard of this form of psychic connection, Karmic channeling has been around for thousands and thousands of years and is known by a select few as a tightly held secret amongst kings, royalty and the wealthy in numerous cultures. It has been quoted as being, “the most important part of THE oldest known profession in the world,”  “Living well in health and abundant riches.”

It is my desire to provide you with this knowledge and to help you master the tools necessary in understanding how karmic influence can help you change your reality and manifest all that you desire. If you’ve given up or are still struggling with the application of the Law Of Attraction, then it’s time for you to sign up for a Karmic Channeling session today.


Here are a few of the most tightly held secrets you'll learn to master in one session:

You’ll learn how to…

            a Connect with higher power for self realization,

            a Connect with angelic gatekeepers for guidance and protection,

            a Embrace the power of concentrated intentions to tip the scale to your favor,

a Prepare powerful intentions (spells) for success,

a Utilize the 3 most powerful spiritual tools that you should NEVER be without,   

and much, much, much.

What are Concentrated Intentions?

Concentrated intentions are very focused spells and affirmations directed primarily to tip the scale of justice to your favor and relinquish all obstacles in your way.

In just one session you’ll learn the best tried and true card combinations to use in a spell such as the …

a Ace of diamonds, for pushing yourself to the top of the list for a job,

a Ten of diamonds, for a promotion at work,  

a Ten of hearts, for protection and amazing rewards,

            a Use spells to attract love or rid yourself from a troubled relationship,

and much, much, much.


Listen to what people are saying,

Dear Betty –

Thank you so much for your lovely reading you were so incredibly accurate.  It was so accurate to how I have been feeling. It is so good to have the validation that one is walking the right path. I need to understand and feel those lessons. Letting go is what it is all about for me now. You are so right about my life's purpose being a teacher. It is all about taking the wisdom I have learned and turning it over and passing it on…….. Thank you my friend……LoraLee.

Dear Betty –

I'm very happy that we got in touch! There is a secret reason for everything, also for people living so far to communicate from the depth of their soul. Thank you to you for having opened me the doors of the supernatural world you are so lucky to know… Ohm Shanti and much love……..Maria Giulia.

Dear Wise Betty –
You have brought me to tears. I am a little beside myself. That is exactly what I am going through. It is through some very endearing friends that will allow me to get a more clear insight on how I can start making the changes I need...... Thank you so much for reaching out to me........Betti Anderliter.

Dear Wise Betty –

I have had many readings in my life time and have witnessed many channelings but nothing compared to the 30 day prosperity reading I experienced with you. It felt more like “Spiritual Therapy.”  Within the first week I managed to get over myself and connect to the LOA in a way I never thought possible. You were not kidding when you said the aces were wild cards and that I should hold on to my seat. I still remember the Archangel Uriel’s profound words which he whispered in my ear one evening, “And so it is done.”… and so it was………. Victoria Z.

Dear Victoria –

Many have called my readings “Spiritual Therapy.”  It is a wonderful complement coming from you…...Blessings from your friend and Spiritual Guide……WiseBetty.

Dear Wise Betty –

Thank you so much. I love you Wise Betty!!!!!!!!!..........Zulie Lozada


       Are you ready for success or are you content being on life's journey filled with empty dreams and in constant state of, What could have been?

So What Are You Waiting For Start Today!


Dear Wise Betty –

Once again, thank you so much!!!!! You have become invaluable to me and my family. With you my family and I received not only a life coach, spiritual therapist and a LOA master but also a friend for life. The price we paid doesn’t come close to the blessings we gained.

                                                                               We love you Betty!......The  Canfield Family


Once you have completed payment, email me @ for confirmation and further instructions on how we will begin your journey.

I look forward to being a part of this magical experience and to get to know each and every one of you spiritually. I am excited that you are now so close to reaching that important moment in your life.




Wise Betty

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