Winning In Business Workshop


Charlie McCants and the
Millennium Business Exchange Announces:

How to Create a
Summer Cash Flow Explosion!

Are you ready for the MOST AMAZING Summer that your business has EVER HAD?

Or are you going to be like all the others -- and let your business slow down because it is summer and a slow economy?

How would you like to do more business in 8 weeks than you have the last 8 months?

We will show you HOW!

Attend one of the most powerful Cash Flow Workshops that exists and help your business with our Network Business Guide - and you have:

NO airfare costs-

NO hotel costs-

NO meal Costs-

No rental car Costs-

and NO Outrageous Workshop Fee

This Tele-Workshop is TOTALLY Fresh and Radically UNIQUE!

Charlie McCants and The Millennium Business Exchange ANNOUNCES:

From the "Winning In Business Workshops" -- "Unleashing a Summertime Cash Flow Explosion"- (How to Do More Business in 8 Weeks than You Did the Last 8 Months!)

Here is just a sample of what you will learn:

·  Discover The Success Power of the Psychology of Cash Flow.

·  Learn why The Psychology of Summer can slow your business if you are not careful - and how to change it.

·  The 7 Worst Mistakes Made During the Summer in Business Marketing.

·  The Power of the Winning The Cash Flow Workshops.

·  Discover a Step by Step process for referral that you meet- ANYWHERE!

·  Revealed: The Secret of the Community Connection.

·  Learn How to become an "Unstoppable Business Builder."

·  And learn a VERY SPECIAL way that INCENTIVES work in your business.



Winning In Business Survey, Financial Solution's  Product List & a 3 Day - 2 night Vacation Certificate for 40 HOT Locations. Why pay for a vacation when you can one for FREE?

Do NOT settle for a mediocre and ineffective summer business. Become a Summer Cash Flow Master and KNOW that this summer is going to be AWESOME and produce the results you are looking.



Tuesday, Aug 19, 2008

7 – 9:00 PM CST

Winning The Cash Flow (access code will be sent out via email the day of the event).


$29.00 - for 2 hours of mind blowing Telephone Mastery Training. (Regularly $99)


  • Registered Attendees will receive, via EMAIL, an access code the day of the Tele-Workshop that will allow entry into the Workshop. A limited number of registrations will be accepted.
  • The Workshop charge  is $99.00 but because of the convenience and delivery, we are giving you access to this information for just a fraction of the regular workshop price.
  • Consider it like a "Success Scholarship" - We are offering you a discount of $70.00 per person bringing your investment to ONLY $29.00!

That is less than 8 pennies a day.

Is your business worth 8 pennies a day to take it to a whole new EXPLOSIVE Level?

HOW MUCH is it going to COST YOU if you don't participate? Thousands? Tens of Thousands in income?

The world actually is more focused on "getting through the week"

than giving what it takes daily to make the week -

 giving to you what you want and need.

Getting through the week is a great time for a lot of folks, and there's nothing wrong with that. But if you have the talent to succeed massively, and don't use it, and end up with a business that is not what you really wanted, you have no right to complain. You have allowed yourself to be deceived into thinking that this is how business is supposed to be.

 This brings us to the Biggest Mistake made in Business Marketing:

 Thinking that being average and mediocre is how business is "supposed to be", and even though you gave your best shot, you return to the life and way of thinking that you had, as this is the way it is "supposed to be."

 The 3 biggest thieves in business that have ever existed are the words "Supposed to Be."

 These words have helped more people give up on their dreams than any other thing I have found.

And it is a HUGE mistake to buy into those words and their poisonous influence.


 Giving up on your business dream is NOT how it is "supposed to be," for you, but is ONLY how it is supposed to be for others-that have already given up on their own business dreams.

 You should NEVER give in, give up, or give out! You should GIVE MORE!

  • Give more Belief to your business success in.
  • Give more Action to your dreams in Business Marketing.
  • Give more Positive Thoughts to your business dreams.
  • Give more Energy to your dreams in Business Marketing.
  • Give more Determination to your business dreams.


 Give MORE Time, and listen to someone who has walked the Success path of being a Successful Business entrepreneur.

These folks can teach you what you NEED TO KNOW, not teach you the Need for NO. (Did you catch that? READ IT AGAIN!)

 Don't make the Biggest mistake made in Business Marketing and fall prey to the "Supposed to be" crowd.

 Become the type of person to move from "supposed to be" to "Propose to be!"

  • This is the life that I propose for mine to be!
  • This is the income that I propose for mine to be!
  • This is the lifestyle that I propose for mine to be!
  • This is the future that I propose for my life, and I will not be denied!

Move from the mediocre world of Suppose to the Extraordinary world of Propose. All Millionaires in the world today did just that.

If you do, you will have found the solution to the biggest mistake made in Business Marketing today.

What have people said about the Cash Flow Workshops Charlie does?  

  Charlie is rapidly becoming one of the best business trainers in the industry. Before the workshop was over, I saw hidden assets I was leaving on the table...He can change your business.
Q. Maxwell,
Shreveport, LA.

  Charlie’s Cash Flow Workshops are the future for small businesses in this slow economy. His workshop was totally about the success of my business…The price was a give away. Powerful. Passionate.
D.J Black,
San Antonio, TX

 Concepts beyond all expectations. What a blessing this Cash Flow Workshop has been!"
M. Allen,
Lincoln, NE.

"I laugh at a lot of the other concepts in the market. It is so obvious they are there for one reason: to sell me something. It is beyond obvious that Charlie is there to help me. And help he do with the simplest step by step concept that exists in this industry."  
Canton, Newport News, VA.


 "If you attend Winning The Cash Flow Workshop you will understand completely how to uncover Hidden Assets in your business. I have participated in more expensive workshops and have asked, 'Why am I here?' Other events are totally pale in comparison to what Charlie delivers. Amazing."  
R. Boone,
Jackson, MS.

Move from the mediocre world of Suppose to the Extraordinary world of Propose. All Millionaires in the world today did just that.

If you do, you will have found the solution to the biggest mistake made in Business Marketing today.




WHY is Credit a major issue for the future of the Financial Industry? 

PLUS Learn:

X Powerful Tips On How To Raise Credit Scores in 60 days!  

X- The 5 sections you can control to manage our score

X The FCRA – A consumer's right to accurate reporting

X How to get bankruptcies, collections, inquiries, judgments and liens off your credit report 

X Typical mistakes consumers make that drops their score - Separating personal from business credit 

X How to create a niche resource market to enhance your life & business  

Learn how to make credit an asset, not a liability

X Important resources and alliances that can fuel your success with good credit  

 X  How money works and much, much more.


Hazel B. Valera

President, Certified Debt Arbitrator, Certified Credit Coach, Clear Credit Exchange (17+ Years in the Credit Industry)

 ATTENTION: CONSUMERS...Before you think about doing anything in this economy - get all the information you need to make an informed decision!

ATTENTION: REAL ESTATE, MORTGAGE & SALES  PROFESSIONALS... If your products or services rely upon credit for your transactions, then you can not afford to miss this event!!! 

                                     REGISTER Today!

Full, 365 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

I personally guarantee that if you put in an honest effort to use one or more of these concepts you will see a minimum 10 times return on your investment. 

But, if you use the concepts and they don't get a 1000% return on your investment, just let me know and I'll provide you with an immediate refund. PLUS, the FREE bonus gifts are yours to keep no matter what. 




































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