Why Children Say "NO!": Understanding and Working with the Resistant Child- 2 hour online class



Transformative Parenting is excited to announce our next online class, Why Children Say "NO!": Understanding and Working with the Resistant Child.

This two-hour class will contain:

  • An brief introduction to the developmental/attachment model
  • An explanation of the concept of counterwill (why children resist us) and why it is actually meant to help keep them safe.
  • A number of different strategies for lessening counterwill so that you don't have to boss your child around or resort to unhelpful discipline practices.

The Online Format:

We have recently acquired some of the most advanced but easy-to-use eLearning software on the Internet. Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro allows us to teach classes in real-time online. You will see and hear our speaker, watch the presentation slides, and be able to type in questions and comments into the Chat Box. You can do this without downloading any special software or having any special technical knowledge. Here's what a few people had to say after our first class:


"Pretty neat to be sitting in my bed, drinking my juice and learning how to be a better parent. I learned a lot and from the convenience of my home."

"What a great way to learn-- I turned up the volume and was able to fold laundry and prepare lunch while attending a parenting class! I'm looking forward to more of this style of council."

"thank you - it was well-invested time for me and very well done!"

"Awesome information presented very clearly. Todd is obviously very knowledgeable in this field. He has a wealth of knowledge and is able to pass the information along in an understandable and comfortable fashion. He clearly loves his work."


After you register, you will be given the website address for the event. The day of the class, you will click on the link we give you and be taken to our website. Once we confirm your registration, which only takes a moment, we let you in to the "room" and you view the class from the comfort of your home or office.

We are offering these online classes because they are a low-cost and convenient way to offer our consulting services to people all around North America and the world. We will be offering these classes for a special introductory rate for the rest of the year.


The Material:

As mentioned, this material is based on the work of our friend and mentor, Dr. Gordon Neufeld. The basis for the presentation is found in Hold On to Your Kids and the Power to Parent course. We also teach a one-day workshop based on these principles. The material is a great introduction for those who are new to this work or wanted an expansion of what they read in the book. It is also a great refresher for those who have read the book or attended Power to Parent.

The Presenter:

Todd Sarner, MA, is a Parent Consultant and Educator and the Co-Director of Transformative Parenting in Mill Valley, CA. Hand-picked by Dr. Neufeld to be one of the first professionals to take part in his formal 2-year training program, he is now a Faculty Member of the Neufeld Institute. Todd has worked in several roles with children, adolescents, and adults over the years- including as a counselor and mentor to foster and at-risk kids and teens. Todd currently meets with parents in-person and on the telephone for parent consulting sessions and also does attachment-based couples counseling (EFT for Couples) for parents. Most importantly, Todd is the proud father of 5-year-old Benjamin.


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