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Bob Mayer's - Who Dares Wins


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Bob Mayer

Bob is a NY Times best-selling author with 40 books published. He speaks and consults based on his lastest book, Who Dares Wins. He is a West Point graduate, served in the Infantry and Special Forces (Green Berets): leading an Infantry platoon and then Battalion and then Brigade level Reconnaissance platoons; commanding an A-Team and as a Special Forces battalion operations officer; commanded a training company, and was an instructor at the JFK Special Warfare Center & School at Fort Bragg. He also served in Special Operations Western Command on a variety of classified assignments. He has been studying, practicing and teaching change, team-building, leadership and communication for over thirty years.


Class Sunday from 9a - 6p (60 Minute Lunch Break)


Warrior Writer—creating a new breed of author for the future of publishing.

The most powerful weapon in the Green Beret arsenal is the mind.  In order for a Green Beret to be truly elite, he must not only be highly trained and physically tough, but also be mentally tough and creative.  The same is true of authors.

The world of publishing is changing at an incredible rate.  No longer can an author simply write a book, hand it over to their agent and editors and go back to working on the next book letting others handle it from there.  For today's authors to succeed, they have to not only write a great book, but build a platform, a brand, and promote themselves as well as their books.  Formal author training does not exist in traditional publishing.  It is a hit or miss endeavor, with a focus on what might have worked in the past, not what is needed in today's current world to be successful. 

Warrior Writer uses the strategies and tactics from WHO DARES WINS: THE GREEN BERET WAY TO CONQUER FEAR & SUCCEED (Simon & Schuster 2009-you get a copy as part of the workshop) to create a new brand of authors who not only write better books, but are trained to handle all aspects of the business of publishing.  The Warrior Writer understands the industry as well as their craft.  Warrior Writers successfully and effectively integrate art with business.  Warrior Writers know how to help create and build synergy among all team members (author /agent /editor /publisher /reader) to achieve far more than the individuals ever world.  In essence, Warrior Writer is 'The Green Beret A Team'.

You will progress through two levels of Who Dares Wins:

1.    An overall strategy for change and success.

2.    Specific tactics you can apply immediately.

·                Define your writing goals and understand why you want to achieve them.

·                Examine your environment and locate assets that will aid you in achieving success.

·                Zero in on barriers and potential threats to your goal of success.

·                Locate your blind spot, the part of your character that hinders you from being as creative as you can be.

·                Discover what you fear and how that fear could be sabotaging your short and long-term goals.

·                And much, much more!

My Warrior Writer Workshop will help you discover ways to:
1.    Overcome procrastination.
2.    Finish what you start.
3.    Be consistent in your work.
4.    Set boundaries for work space and time.
5.    Achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Become the change you seek, and take charge of your writing destiny TODAY!!!!

As part of the workshop you will receive a copy of WHO DARES WINS:  THE GREEN BERET WAY TO CONQUER FEAR & SUCCEED and an outline of the presentation along with exercises that will be covered in the workshop.


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