Turn Your Pink Slip into Gold!

Why Find Your Life's Purpose?

   There has NEVER been a more compelling time for you to commit to the process of finding your life’s purpose – that work that provides a reason for being and generates a state of bliss and fulfillment.

Those who have a clear purpose in their lives gives them something to focus on in these turbulent times, like a lighthouse in the middle of a storm.

Dealing with the day-to-day problems can consume all your attention and energy. You're in essence, treading water and not making any real progress toward the success you want and deserve.

Clarity of purpose changes all that.

Discovering one's purpose takes digging, exploration, and effort. The effort yields profound rewards. Having a clear purpose helps you to overcome fears: the fear of failure, the fear of success, the fear of physical harm, the fear of psychological pain, and the fear of the unknown.

Living life on purpose changes everything! Living a purposeful life enables you to build your life on a firm foundation of solid relationships, a fulfilling career, financial abundance, a deeper self-knowledge, and greater spiritual growth.

I understand personal power. Starting from literally nothing as a child, with none of the advantages of family, influence, or wealth, I became a multimillionaire by the age of 26.

I soon realized that financial success by itself was not all there was to life and I began a personal journey of growth and fulfillment. I discovered that a truly successful life addresses all areas of life:


  1. Finances

  2. Relationships

  3. Spiritual Growth

  4. Physical Health

  5. Mental Health

Balancing these five components takes commitment and a strong desire to live your ideal life. It requires being clear about the purpose of your life and committing to that purpose, committing to your own happiness!

My world-renowned What's My Purpose Life Mastery Course was created to help people reclaim their personal power and get their lives on the track to attain true success.

Are you ready to take back your life? If so, you have an unprecedented opportunity to do so now.

Receiving a pink slip is scary, stressful, and depressing. But, it is also an opportunity to build a new life based on purpose.

What Can You Expect From What's My Purpose?

According to the experiences of people who have taken the What's My Purpose Life Mastery Course, you can expect:
  • As flow and meaning become part of the fabric of life, the ideal career and business is better defined - stress and burnout become things of the past.

  • As you grow to understand your purpose, you stop feeling as though something is missing. Rather, even when you hit rough patches, you still maintain a deep feeling that what you are doing feels “right”.

  • You cast off "shoulds" and instead start living according to your core values. The result? Your effectiveness and life satisfaction shoot sky-high.

  • You become your own best friend and cheerleader. You recognize on a deep, gut level, that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

  • You recognize the dangers of living according to lifestyle which is living from the outside in. You instead live your life from the inside out. As you do, you find that a sense of peace and fulfillment is inevitable.

  • You develop enough self-trust to listen to your intuition. The result: more powerful, meaning-based decision making. Those decisions carry you forward in your life with an ease you previously only imagined.

What's My Purpose Life Mastery Course

The Course is divided into three distinct and vital parts.

Part 1 - What is Purpose?

In the first part, I guide you through the process of discovering just why purpose is so important in life and business. The student takes the first steps toward claiming that purpose.

Part 2 - Your Five Masks

In the second part, I explain in depth about the Five Masks or obstacles and how each mask represents a reason why you're possibly standing in the way of living your own purpose. Until you remove these masks, connecting with your purpose is like trying to talk on the phone with a jet roaring overhead, loud music playing a few inches away, and the neighbor kids screeching. Can you hear your purpose now?

Here's what to expect as you clear your masks:

  1. Mask #1: Busy-ness. It's easy to get caught up in the details of a challenging business and life; that's why I include a prescription for busy-ness that unleashes your creative will and shifts your perception.

  2. Mask #2: What will other people think? Again, it's often easier to please people to the exclusion of treating yourself right or thinking about your own needs. The exercises I provide help you design an action plan to please you not others. Living an “On Purpose” life requires action, not reaction – my exercises teach you the difference.

  3. Mask #3: I’m not ___________ Enough. I help you discover all the ways that you score “wins” on a daily basis as well as help to acquaint you with your own inimitable uniqueness.

  4. Mask #4: Fear. I teach you how to harness that fear and maximize your ability to take calculated, life-enhancing risks – even in the face of that dreaded mask, fear.

  5. Mask #5: What is Success? I provide exercises to help you reframe your relationship with money and what it can really do for you, ultimately illuminating the way to finding your true purpose.

Part 3 - New Truths in a Life Guided by Purpose

In the third part of the What's My Purpose Life Mastery Course, I pull it all together. Now comes the time to learn to take joy in the process. You're coming to understand that the process of learning to live according to your purpose is like traveling along an upward spiral. You might revisit places you've been, but you're moving up the scale. You're also learning to trust and follow your intuition for better results that come more easily. You complete the course with a personalized life plan based on your purpose. This is the road map to your new life!


What's My Purpose Life Mastery Course

  1.  Live Group Coaching for 12-weeks directly with Jim

For 90-minutes each week, YOU and an elite group of students dedicated to defining, implementing and living on purpose will dive deep into the What's My Purpose? process. I'll personally guide and coach you through the experience and support you step-by-step to integrate this work into your life and business. You will attend the course sessions from the comfort of your home or office via telephone and/or webcast. We have the ability to teach thousands from around the world at one time.

Before beginning the class, all students must complete what we call a...

Personal Situation Review and Growth Plan:

This upfront review consists of 16 questions strategically crafted to define and assess your current situation. We ask about:

  • Your Financial Life

  • Your Relationships

  • Your Spiritual Life (not organized religion)

  • Your Physical Health

  • Your Mental Health

  • Your Career

The answers to these 16 questions provide a baseline from which you can measure your progress through the course.

  2.  152-page Digital Version of What’s My Purpose Life Mastery Course

You will receive each week’s homework via email with a unique URL that will take you to that week's class work. At the end of 12 weeks, you will have completed the 152-page What's My Purpose? book with all the exercises. This process has helped 100,000 people over 17 years, 28,000 of which have completed the What's My Purpose Life Mastery Course.

This is the same material I have used with Stanford University, Price Waterhouse, and numerous other client corporations and institutions. I personally lead you through each of my transformative exercises.

  3.  Audio and Video Files

You will have access to MP3 and video replays of each class. You will also have access to over 14 hours of bonus audio recordings I have created on various topics such as learning to listen, relationships, meditation, affirmations, planning, leadership and many more.

  4.  Accountability Groups

You will become a member of an accountability Group, in which you will share ideas and network with like-minded people from around the globe.

  5.  Bonus Material

In addition to the What’s My Purpose Life Mastery Course material I will add more content from our Circle of Success Process at no additional cost.

  • You will learn 11 techniques that will guarantee you more productive use of your time

  • You will learn the Vital 4 concept

  • You will learn how to organize your day in 2 hour block

  • You will learn how to align your vital task to your peak energy times

  • You will learn the art of goal setting and accountability and much more...

  6.  Jim White’s What’s My Purpose Alumni Event

Upon successful completion of the 12-Week Course, you will be qualified to attend my annual live Alumni Events. These events are powerful. Business is conducted and friendships are forged through personal and professional networking with other What's My Purpose? graduates.

NnnA current What's My Purpose Life Mastery Student was asked:
"In what ways has Jim White and the 'What’s My Purpose Life Mastery Course' helped you in your life?"

 "There are several things that come to mind. One big benefit is that I am able to focus better on my tasks at hand, and I accomplish more than I used to. As a result, I am feeling more confident and competent…my self-esteem has improved, which makes me more willing to take more and bigger risks, and potentially reap bigger satisfaction and the rewards of living my life on purpose. My relationship with my husband has improved as well. We both appreciate and feel closer to one another and spend more satisfying, enjoyable, and quality time together... My energy and stamina have also improved, as has my physical body and personal discipline."
- Carol Stotts, DC

Name Sales End Price Fee
What's My Purpose 12 Week Life Mastery Course Ended $278.4 $6.96
Early Bird Special Ended $139 $3.48

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