What It Takes, November 2007

WHAT IT TAKES--The 30 Minute Call to Get You Through the 30 Days

November9s Call:  How to Get It Done Before the Holidays Get to You


November is a crazy time for most of us.  It9s very easy to let the upcoming holiday9s put you into a stupor until 2008.  DON9T DO IT!  This call will get you focused and clear so you don9t get sucked into an early Turkey Coma. 

What You’ll GET:

·        A reality check about what really will and will NOT get done

·        Strategies for how to Make it ALL happen

·        Your 3 BIG Goals & Problems for the month + a PLAN!


You cannot beat spending 1/2 hour and 20 bucks to help keep you focused and clear as December approaches.  Plus, it9ll be fun.  It always is.  Put it in your schedule and save me some white meat.

And as we say here at MAVERICK UNIVERSITY...  

Get Registered.

Get Results.

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What It Takes November   Ended $19.95

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