Turning Social Outrage into Dramatic Change

"There’s no faster way to effect social change than through partnerships and focused effective teams."

Let me show you the same step-by-step system I’ve used to lobby for and get, innovative shifts in the complex multi-lateral environment of the United Nations.

Starting from nothing, Karen Smith forged a team, created partnerships and utilized resources that, when tapped and guided, resulted in new international initiatives.

Now it’s your turn to LEAD change.

  • What if you could start from scratch and get...
  • significant partners to join you
  • major players to be your voice in sectors you cannot yet reach
  • check lists and how to’s for making more of an impact in your community
  • strategies for getting your voice and concerns out
  • funding strategies for your events
  • PLUS help others learn while you do
  • ... and much more.

And also before while read on or sign up, why not also take a look at this

FREE 30 minute video tutorial

to get a taste of the kind of training you will get in Sydney.

Karen knows how desperate good people get when they see injustice and want to make a difference. But she also knows how often this energy dissipates when people don’t know what to DO—what to do first, who to turn to, where to go for step-by-step guidance, or how to bring all the parts of the puzzle together.


Smashing!  Wicked! Brilliant!... or should I simply say, awesome!

Reivick Giuliani
Impetus Trust, UK


Having watched the machinations of well-meaning but last century structures, Karen created a framework for change that radically shifts individuals and small groups into better, empowered performance as leaders of change.

If you liked the Empowerment Map she shows in the free instructional video, or "How to Ger Your Point Accross to the 4 Personality Types"  we are confident that you will like the many other powerful strategies, tactics and systems you will get in the time you spend with her.

Learn how real people with vision and passion can use this system to be more effective change leaders today. Whether you want to change the carbon footprint of Sydney, the commoditization and objectification of our children by corporate myopic obedience to their bottom line, or disempowering dysfunction in your own organization, this intensive will shake up stuck thinking and get people on track to effective change.

Karen will be teaching these strategies for a LIMITED TIME only, before she returns to New York. Make Saturday November 28th your day of strategic action leading to a leap forward for your change initiative.

You will leave the one-day training with:

  • New perspectives and ideas for your way forward
  • A workbook
  • Checklists & resources
  • Online resources and access to eBooks and a growing lock box of video and audio tutorials.

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