Weight Management Breakfast


·         Caryl Ehrlich, the founder of the Caryl Ehlrich Program, , a behavioral approach to weight loss

·         Meredith Haberfeld, Life Coach

·         Dr. Valerie Alikakos, Chiropractic  and  Nutrition

·         Eric Zeisler, Hypnotherapy



·         Mike Shaw, New York Personal Training




·         Naturally Savvy (Goodie bags and product samples)

·         Caryl Ehrlich, the founder of the Caryl Ehlrich Program, , a behavioral approach to weight loss

·         Volvic water

·         New York Personal Training – Mike Shaw

·         For The Perfect Day!



The Health and Wellness – Weight Management discussion will highlight weight problems, taking control of overeating and addressing how to manage and even get rid of the negative emotion that triggers one to overeat is the only way to find relief etc.


The morning will begin with an overview of all the speakers with a four  minute introduction of every ones name and specialty.


This discussion is for emotional overeaters, people with weight issues and yo-yo dieters as well as professionals interested in the discussion. The panel of experts addressed a number of important wellness issues for today’s fast-paced executives including nutrition, stress management, and overall well-being. The event will open with welcome remarks by Mike Shaw, New York Personal Training.


Then it will be a panel discussion with 4 other individuals which include Carly Ehrlich, the founder of the Caryl Ehlrich Program, ,a behavioral approach to weight loss; Eric Zeisler, Hypnotherapy; Dr. Valerie Alikakos, Chiropractic and Nutrition; and Meredith Haberfeld, Life Coach.


 It is important to communicate to the audience about finding time for oneself. Mentioning that it is essential to learn what it is you want because many people do not actually know and considering physical and mental rejuvenation. Also discussing:
* What is takes to gain and lose a pounds

* Proper foods to eat

* Portioning, frequency and timing of meals

*How to stay focused and succeed in your goals

* innovative health and wellness solutions


To purchase tickets, please visit: www.fortheperfectday.com


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