Lose up to 8lbs per Week - You Can Make You Thin

Weight Loss Seminar in Cambridge
An internationally known therapist is "giving away" a one day workshop where YOU will not only receive hypnotherapy sessions to lose weight, but YOU will also learn how to apply those techniques on yourself.

How easy would it be to lose those excess pounds if:

• You would be able to eliminate “emotional eating”?
• You could burn calories even when you sleep?
• You would be able to not eat between meals?
• You would be able to feel full with less food?

• You could dislike those unhealthy foods?

Due to his high success rate, media appearances and having worked with several celebrities, Luca is now fully booked several days in advance.

In order to provide more people with the "tools" they need in order to achieve their ideal weight and stay that way without having to spend a fortune, Luca has been presenting these amazing workshops teaching NLP, Hypnotherapy and other psychology based techniques so to be in control of your weight, your health, your image and ultimately your life.

Luca is also the only HYPNO-BAND licensed practitioner in Cambridgeshire.

On the day you will:

• Receive Weight Loss therapy from a professional therapist
• Learn the basics of Hypnosis and NLP
• Learn how to use Hypnosis and NLP for yourself
• Let go of negative emotions & beliefs

• Learn to "dislike" those unhealthy foods
• Let go of "Emotional Eating"
• Learn to lose weight without cravings or stress
• Have fun
• Gain confidence
• Get tips from a professional personal trainer

The seminars take place in Cambridge, the available dates are:

• Saturday 25th July 9:30 - 17:30
• Saturday 19th September 9:30 - 17:30
• Sunday 20th September 9:30 - 17:30
• Saturday 21st November 9:30 - 17:30
• Sunday 22nd November 9:30 - 17:30

Okay, I really want to lose weight and learn self-hypnosis and NLP, but how much does it cost?

Luca has decided to give it to you virtually for FREE! You will only pay the cost of the material, venue and refreshments which will be available to you on the day.

But let's look at the value of what you will get virtually for free.

The equivalent of 3 hypnotherapy sessions with an internationally known therapist, celebrity coach and public speaker - £450

8 hour seminar learning self hypnosis and NLP to lose weight and become totally in control of how to use your mind to let go of negative emotions - £595

4 x Self Hypnosis CD/MP3 Set £89

Total £1,134.00

Okay, where is the catch?

There is NO CATCH! We guarantee, keep on reading...

The reason why Luca is giving you this opportunity is that, thanks to his radio and media appearances, Luca is now in the position of being able to carry out his profession for passion as the first drive. So, in order to make this fantastic seminar accessible to more people, Luca has decided to "give away" this life changing opportunity at cost. The number of people is limited so to keep it more personal and ensure that you receive the best possible experience.

So you only pay for your seat (share of the venue), the material (4 Self Hypnosis CDs/MP3s, Manuals and Music) and the refreshments which will be available to you on the day.

So, instead of £1,134.00 you will only pay £137 which includes your
4 Self Hypnosis CDs/MP3s, manuals and refreshments.

But wait!!!
Hundreds of Amazed people cannot be wrong. So, to make you feel totally comfortable, we GUARANTEE that you will love it!

If by lunch time you do not think that this course is of life-changing value to you, we will refund you 100% of the cost!

That's right, only £137 with this WIN-WIN GUARANTEE!
But this is only when you book at least 30 days in advance!

Places fill very quickly so book now and begin your new, slimmer life today.

Yes Luca, I want to take up this fantastic offer and attend the one day seminar at the cost price of £137! How do I book now?

Easy! Pay via Paypal using buy button at the top of this page, or e-mail us now on bookings@eastangliahypnotherapy.com

Luca Senatore Master Hypnotist CPMH, CPNLP, CPTLT, NLPCH
Cambridge 01223 303 904 http://www.eastangliahypnotherapy.com

Name Sales End Price Fee
You Can Make You Thin Ended £137 £4.08

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