Cell Phone Owners, We Want To Give You Money!

Ad-Watchers is hosting a TT Gathering.

Turbo-T wants to pay every cell phone owner, to receive text messages.


As you know Ad-Watchers is always on the look out for programs designed to help the Consumer at no cost. Well we have found another one and it is truely exciting. 


Turbo-T is looking for Cell Phone Owners. Why? They want to give the Cell Phone Owner Money. Why? Turbo-T is a huge marketing firm with even larger companies willing to pay you the consumer to receive their text messages. Bottom line Turbo-T gets paid to pay you.


Our belief here at Ad-Watchers is, if anyone is willing to pay for our attention, we are willing and ready to be paid.


Get all of the information on how to connect with this amazing program at the TT Gathering hosted on:

Date: October 7, 2010

Time: 06:00PM

Location: Suburban Hotel

                522 Silver Slipper Lane  (Gold Room)

                Tallahassee, FL  32303


Cell Phone Owners, put this information on your calender now, and attend the TT-Gathering on October 7, 2010.



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