Innovation Intuition

Develop your ability to spot and nurture great innovations

In an atmosphere of collaboration and curiosity we will cover;

Thinking like an anthropologist: hanging out with your users *

Human-centred design

The art of rapid-prototyping

Building and honing creative rigour

* This session includes live ethnographic fieldwork in the local area

Be ready for training unlike any other;

Immersive and experiential Film clips, music, games, challenges and more to help participants experience insights for themselves

Intense and catalytic We generate major results quickly by distilling everything down to key nuggets and getting rid of the fluff 

Peer-to-peer exercises Nurturing collaboration, confidence and self-reliance every step of the way, rather than building a reliance on ?the experts? 

Values-based thinking Cultivating a sense of shared purpose, responsibility and ethics within teams and groups 

Scientific research Embedding change and learning using the very best, and latest, research on leadership, collaboration, innovation and the mind 

For more details you can find a pdf to download at

Connect. Create. Collaborate.


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Collaborator Ended £295 £4.95

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