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Working the Web Securely



Grab your favorite B - beverage, bottle or brownie and join me, Master Virtual Assistant Andrea Cannavina (a/k/a LegalTypist), 1:00 pm Eastern on the 30th of this month for a practical education about using e-mail effectively.

"I9ll share withyou EVERYTHING I know about working on the web safely(and I9ve been working the web as a professional Virtual Assistant - helping law firms and single professionals from acrossthe US, Canada and internationally for 7 years).   

This BYOB is perfect for those:  

  • who are just getting started using the web
  • who want to know what to look for when it comes to providing personally identifyable information over the web
  • who are concerned with the privacy of their web based accounts
  • who want to better understand ways to communicate and collaberate with others safely
I pack a ton of information into this class and when I9m done, you will know everything you need to know about how to safely surf or work the 9Net.  
Don9t worry - all the information is delivered using what I call "geek lite".  This is a 101 class with lots of references (psst ... along with your beverage of choice, you might want to have a pen and blank sheet of paper handy during the call!)  ;)

Remember, when you9re done with this one 45 minute phone call, you will be armed with all the information you need to work the web securely.
So, let9s get down to the nitty gritty.... how much does the class cost? 
Well, how does one determine the value of helping a business or person be secure in our digital world?  
I9ve seen some "coaches" charge $1009s for group and $1,0009s for 1:1 "sessions" - where they dole out snippits of information - trapping you for hours - if not days! 
I provide all the practical information you need to know about working the web securely in this one call - and in under 1 hour.
Now,  although I could charge $99 .... $149 or more -- I9m not! :)  I like the value of the information to match the cost.  That9s why the cost of this teleclass is only $47.00
Only $47.00 get9s you access to the insights I9ve culled through SEVEN years of working digitally as LegalTypist with hundreds (if not thousands) of other e-preneurs, web based professionals and people just like YOU.
In this one teleclass, you9ll get 7 year9s worth of my practical tips, resources and observations about using the web effectively and safely. 
Think about it:  the stats on identity theft are rising - are you doing everything you can to protect YOURS?
Less than $50 and one hour of your time - and you get all the advice, tips, references and assistance you need to be secure when you are on the Web. 

By the way - not only do you get all the practical information I9ve culled through the years -- you also get access to me - LIVE - to answer your questions.
Finally, I want you to rest assured that I back my teleclasses with the same 100% money back guarantee I give my clients.  
If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied or feel you did not get your money9s worth - simply contact me and you will be provided with a prompt and courteous refund.   No muss, no fuss.  ;)
So where do we go from here?  Go ahead and register for this teleclass and add the event your calendar (February 7th at 1pm Eastern). 
When you do, you will receive the instructions on how to join the telecalss via e-mail.  Please check or junk/spam folder or add "" to your safe/white/allowed recipients list.  Oh -- because I know how busy you are -- I send the instructions out again 15 minutes prior to the call. 
If you have a specific question about being secure on the web that you would like me to address, just e-mail it to:   Thanks!
Now -- go ahead and register because I look foward to helping you be safe!  :)
Andrea Cannavina, MVA

P.S.  Stop feeling overwhelmed - join us on the teleclass and learn how to keep your e-mail under control.
P.P.S.  Don9t forget, you get my 100% money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose - register today!
Each class is delivered via teleconference and you9re normal long distance charges to a US based telephone number will be billed by your carrier. **FRUGAL TIP** Use a phone with free long distance to make the call free for you! 
Class size is limited.  All classes are recorded.


Name Sales End Price
Standard Ended $47

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