WEBINAR: Introduction to Managing Flexible Workers

Webinar: Introduction to Managing Flexible Workers

Aims of this workshop

  • Anintroduction for managers to implementing flexible working strategies in an effective and cost efficient manner with due regard for a flexible workforce

  • Anoverview of the main issues to be considered in managing flexibleworkers

The webinar will cover, at an introductory level:

  • Attitudesto flexible working

  • Strategicareas of the company affected by flexible working

  • Legaloverview of flexible working requests

  • Classificationof flexible working styles and identification of those most suitedto a particular workplace

  • Motivationsof flexible workers: identifying flexible working solutions tomatch their needs

  • Implementingflexible working practices

  • Keyissues in managing flexible teams

Widening access to working opportunities through flexible working is catering for a more diverse workforce and brings benefits for the individual and for the business.


About the webinar

Each webinar is a live, speaker-led one hour of interactive presentation followed by 20-30 minutes questions and discussion. Speakers are experienced online facilitatotrs and/or subject matter experts.

Participants require at least a set of speakers, preferably a headset with a microphone. The Flash browser plugin is needed.

Some firewalls make it difficult to run webinars: we take no responsibility for your network settings, please check beforehand that you can get access (ask us for a room test).

Beyond 9 to 5 www.beyond9to5.co.uk is a community of practice for managers and individuals involved in flexible working: with resources, online learning materials, events and discussions, in a supportive community of others in a similar position.



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