Web and Graphic Design Workshop

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VeryGroovy Design Studios will teach an intensive 5-day (16 hour) comprehensive Web Design Course for entrepreneurs and business persons who would like to learn how to develop their web concepts on their own. It has come to our attention that many entrepreneurs have relatively simple internet-related concepts, but have difficulty building these concepts. The purpose of the course is to teach these individuals the necessary skills that they need to learn in order to build their web concept on their own.

The course is designed to help individuals with a current web project idea that they would like to get off of the ground AND individuals who are looking to learn how to build and manage their own websites. The first part of the course is the web design and graphics portion. This section teaches students how to use relevant techniques (using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator) to build a cohesive and eye-catching web design. The next portion of the course is the web development portion. This section leverages the design that you created in the first portion by turning it into a functional website (using HTML, CSS stylesheets, and Javascript). There are no pre-requisites to taking this course and it is open to the public. This course does not expect you to have any prior knowledge of these programs and moves at a pace that is understandable for all different levels.



·         Web Styles Overview

·         Adobe Illustrator for Graphic/Web Design

·         Adobe Photoshop for Graphic/Web Design

·         Image optimization for the Internet

·         HTML

·         CSS 2.0

·         SEO Basics

·         Web Trends

·         Functional JavaScript

·         Web Promotion Tactics

·         Browser Tweaking (making website compatible with all 3 browsers)



·         Hands on personal assistance

·         Optional Premium Software’s Packet

·         A Functional “Ready for Market” Website

·         Skills to be competitive in the web design market



Monday May 25, 2009; @6:00PM-9:00PM [3 hours]

·         Web Site Introduction

·         Web Styles Overview

·         Introduction to Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop for Graphic Design

Tuesday May 26, 2009; @6:00PM-9:00PM [3 hours]

·         Adobe Illustrator for Graphic/Web Design

·         Adobe Photoshop for Graphic/Web Design

·         Image optimization for the Internet

Wednesday May 27, 2009; @6:00PM-9:00PM [3 hours]

·         Introduction to HTML

Thursday May 28, 2009; @6:00PM-9:00PM [3 hours]

·         Introduction to CSS and Javascript

Friday May 29, 2009; @4:00PM-8:00PM [4 hours]

·         Project work time and individual assistance

·         Browser Tweaking

·         Web Trends

·         SEO Basics


No Experience Required




$400 for full Course [16 hour unit] and certificate



May 25th-May 29th Babson College




Name Sales End Price Fee
Full Course   Ended $400 $9.95
Graphic Design Only   Ended $200 $5
Programming Only   Ended $250 $6.25