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First time in Nepal, we are offering 11 volunteering program in Nepal . You can participant on our volunteering program as a Volunteer Program coordinator according to your knowledge, experience, interest and academic qualification.

Rural Education and Empowerment Program (REEP)

Think Globally Do Locally

The Rural Education and Empowerment Program (REEP) of Volunteer Aid Nepal in Nepal is located  rural area of Western Development Region of Nepal. We provide volunteer work in Nepal at grassroots level, helping local community organizations and School to achieve their goals in Nepal. Volunteers of Rural Empowerment Program (REEP) help local schools and Community Based Organization (CBO) by Teaching and working with community workers, teacher, students and villagers. The mail objective of the program is to empowering local people for community change and Human development. The focus groups of REEP project are disadvantaged youth group, School Student, and other back warded Dalit, Janajati, women etc. ( for more details please follow REE program link )

The Children Home Support Program (CHSP)
“Be a parent of parentless”

The Children Home Support Program (CHSP) of Volunteer Aid Nepal in Nepal is located urban area of Central or western Development region of Nepal. In the period of conflict (From1996-2006 AD) many Nepalese Childress have became home less, parent less and voice less also. Now some children are getting basic needs from many orphans home. Our responsibility is to support those orphan Children to shaping their future. We provide aid to the orphan home by mobilizing volunteers. Volunteers of Children Support Program (CSP) help Children home by working children home for the progress of children. Working in the Children Home is an opportunity to sharing love with children. The main objective of the program is to supporting to Children Home to achieve their goals of shaping the future of Homeless Children. Volunteer can help Children Home by encouraging and teaching children, organizing child development program, helping their works, making strong organizational structure, gardening, cleaning and sharing skills according to own field. ( for more details please follow CHS P rogram link )

General Teaching Program

“Travel to teach and Learn”

In this program volunteers are placed in local schools to teach conversational English and reading classes to Nepali children. It is our goal to ensure that the children of Nepal are able to advance their practical written and verbal English language skills. In Nepal, English is becoming more and more of a required skill for job placement, educational advancement and future success. Schools in Nepal often lack in funding and resources. Class size can range from 10 to 80 students. School runs from Sunday to Friday with Saturday off, students are between 4 and 16 years of age. To teach English at a Nepali school you don’t need to have formal teaching qualifications. You will need a good command of written and spoken English, plenty of enthusiasm and a lot of patience. Festivals, exams, holidays and strikes disrupt the teaching schedule at various times throughout the year. We ask that volunteers in the teaching program have a second choice of program for these times. You may also like to consider teaching in an informal setting within the orphanage program where many children need additional assistance with school work.

Community Development Program (CDP)
“Working together is success”

The Community Development Program (CDP)include building classrooms, school repair and decoration, toilet building, recycling projects, wall construction, library hall building, road repairing and other community based construction or infrastructure development works . It also includes helping to build low emission, energy efficient stoves which help the health of poor communities. Student of engineering and who are interested in construction works participate in this program. The main objectives of this program is to fulfill the little needs of rural infrastructure and empower on the new principal of development “development form below” .The focus area of Community Development Program are marginalized and satellite village. The volunteer group of Community Development Program can learn more about local way of doing and they can also shape the local way of doing.Construction works is more difficult than other Volunteering Program.Only physically strong Volunteers can complete their jobs. The job will be more easy, if volunteer have construction experience.

Volunteers of CDP can share their idea and knowledge related infrastructure works. This is a unique way of sharing skills and learning local way of doing. As a developing country, Nepal is facing lack of adequate infrastructure in various fields. Your help will be more valuable for making new developed Nepal.

Cultural Exchange Program (CEP)
“New Culture, New Experience”

The Cultural Exchange Program (CEP) of Volunteer Aid Nepal located both urban and rural area of Nepal provide the opportunity to learn about new culture(what Nepali actually do?) and make good friendship relation with Nepali people through participatory observation. Nepal is multicultural, multilingual and Multi ethnic South Asian Country. It is famous for her cultural heritage around the globe. The mail objective of the program is to introducing Nepali Culture in detail to foreign people .People from the abroad can be the member of community to celebrate Nepali Festival. The main Nepali festival are Dashain, Tihar , Teej, Janaipurnima etc. The importances of Festival are culture relative. The Cultural Exchange Program include celebrating festival, being member of community, learning reason of tradition, sharing new idea, helping local people, empowering to avoid bad practice, preparing report on cultural aspects of Development etc. This is an opportunity to learning new culture, tradition, practice and norms.

Sport Development Volunteering Program (SDVP)
“Sport for Health and Friendship”

The Sport Development Volunteering Program (SDVP) includes train to be gainers, making sport team, organizing sport program, making sport play ground, teaching sport technique, conducting physical exercise training, empowering sport clubs, assisting sport club, arranging sport competition etc. The volunteers of Sport Development Volunteering Program (SDVP) Will get opportunity to learn Nepali Game ie Kabarti, Dandibiyo etc. This Volunteering program is designed for sport interested persons. This Program will help to making good health of villagers and also helps to make good relationship and brotherhood among the people. This type of Volunteering Program is probably the first time in Nepal. We welcome application for Sport Development Volunteering Program (SDVP) from all sport interested person.

Save Wildlife Program (SWP)
“Conservation of all for all”

Volunteer Aid Nepal place to volunteers in National Park and Conservation Area. This Program includes wildlife care at wildlife breading center, breading center management, Save Wildlife training, National park visit etc. The naturally beautiful country- Nepal is rich on her natural resources and bio-diversity. The aim of the organizing Save Wildlife Program (SWP) is to mobilizing volunteers for the save of wildlife and jungle.

Rural Health Support Program (RHSP)
“Health is wealth”
This is an opportunity to work as a Rural Health Co-coordinator in marginalized community of Nepal. The Volunteers of Rural Health Support Program (RHSP) help to improve the health condition of rural people. Nepal is facing lack of skilled manpower in health sector; the small contribution of volunteers will be more valuable for rural people. The Rural Health Support Program (RHSP) includes empowering local people, helps to local Health Center, providing primary health care, suggesting rural Health workers, suggest to Women Health volunteers (WHV), preparing Rural Health Report , train to villagers, save motherhood, taking classes for empowering school Children , regular visit of villages etc. To participate in this program, health related knowledge and experience is necessary for all.

Agriculture Volunteering ( AV)
“Helping farmer, increasing production”

Nepal is Agriculture majority country of south Asia. More than 60% people are engaging in Agricultural works but have no good output due to lack of Skilled Agriculture manpower and modern technology. The main objective of organizing Agriculture Volunteering (AV) program is to helping Rural Farmer to increase food production. This program includes help to farmer, help to making Agriculture infrastructure, participating Agricultural works, sharing new idea, working at field with farmer, suggest to improving Agriculture System, preparing Rural Agriculture Report, encourage to villagers for produce vegetable etc. The volunteers of Agriculture get opportunity of learn traditional way of farming, labor exchange system, free labor system, production share system and other system.

Reserch and Internship Program ( RIP)
“Come Nepal to know more”

This program is specially designed for university student. They can participate in this program in different sectors. Students who are studying theoretical subjects or going to obtain university degree can be a part of Research and Internship Program (RIP). This program is providing to you an opportunity to gaining new experience and knowledge related your subjects. This Program is divided types. One is who are interested to do research in Nepal - can involve our research project. Another is who most have do research and internship according to their university rules to obtain academic degree will get assistance form Volunteer Aid Nepal. According to our Objectives, we conduct research works to identifying solution of problem and knowing ethnographic account of different Nepalese People.

Photography and Vediography Volunteering Program (PVVP)

“Techno volunteering Program”

The first time in Nepal, Volunteer Aid Nepal operate techno-volunteering program. This is a unique program to make community developed. The volunteers of Photography and vediography program don’t pay their time in any construction works at community. By the use of Camera and Video, they work to make community developed.
The photo and video production is more effective to flash out the core problem of community. The photo and video production will be produced for public to show the problem of community that help to make the plan for solve the problems of community. Through this program, the policy makers, government head, political leader and NGOs professional will be conscious about problems. Volunteer Aid Nepal makes documentary to promote voluntary service and to keep the history of Voluntary service in Nepal. We are also planning to make educational documentary films for public people.

Every Program Requirement

Volunteers for program must:
-Be 18 years or older
-Have no major health problems
-Some related knowledge or Experience according to Volunteering Program
-Be eligible to obtain a tourist visa to Nepal
-General knowledge of English Language
-Flexible, commitment and adjustable

Program Information

  • Project Duration: Min one weeks to Max 12 Month
  • Application fee :USD $ 150 only
  • Location of project: Around  Local City of Kaski , Dhading , Gorkha Districts
  • Arrival Airport:Kathmandu (airport code KTM)
  • Working Hours:Depend on program types
  • Program Fee  : 3 Package  ( participant , semi and full package rates )

Volunteer Aid Nepal would profoundly appreciate your application for volunteering in Nepal. You may wish to offer to be an Active Volunteer of above Program. The application is open for National and international Volunteers. You can also contact us at info@volunteeraidnepal.org or vaidnepal@hotmail.com . Thank you.


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