Rabies Pre-Exposure VaccinationsDEADLINE to order is JUNE 9 (mail) or June 11 (online)

Attn: Important information about pre-exposure rabies vaccine availability:VMABC, in its original planning to make pre-exposure vaccinations available to members, based the price to be charged on information supplied to it by the Immunization Division of the Metropolitan Health District. Using that information, which was assumed to be correct, VMABC offered to charge $130 per dose (picked-up) and $150 per dose (administered). This offer was sent out to all VMABC clinics and hospitals on May 22. Payments by mail and by e-mail were received and a total of 151 doses were ordered.VMABC COULD NOT ORDER THE VACCINE UNTIL THE TOTAL NUJMBER OF DOSES REQUIRED WASDETERMINED. When Dr. Gonzales went to place the order with the Health Dept., he was told that the contract that the Health Dept. had with their supplier expired on May 31 and they had to wait to get a new contract, get it approved by the SA City Council, before they could order the vaccine. Also, the Health Dept. did not know what their supplier would charge for the vaccine.Dr. Gonzales was finally able to contact Chiron Co., which appears to be the only source of vaccine available. They are asking $170 per dose. This means that VMABC will need to charge $170 per dose (if picked up) and $190 per dose if administered. This means an increase of $40 per dose over what everyone has previously paid with their order.Those who have ordered and paid for vaccine have several options: 1. You can request a full refund of what you have paid in and try to get the vaccine on your own. (Texas A&M is charging $550 for a set of three doses administered) – (Texas Med Center is charging $220 per dose administered plus $80 for doctor’s prescription, which totals $740). Another option would be to contact the Health Dept. direct to see what they would charge, i.e., if they have vaccine!Obviously, Dr. Gonzales cannot order the vaccine until it is determined how many will be needed.. He is setting a deadline of Friday, July 7th for those who have ordered and paid for vaccine to decide what they want to do. He will only order doses for those who respond that they want to continue with the program and WHO HAVE SENT IN THE ADDITIONAL $40 PER DOSE BY THAT DATE.Please call Mickey Debner if you have questions (832-8235).Sincerely,Roque Gonzales, Jr., DVM President, VMABC============================================ Pre-exposure rabies vaccinations will be available in July.ALL ORDERS MUST BE RECEIVED BY JUNE 9, 2006 if placed by MAIL. ONLINE orders must be completed by June 11, 2006.For those who have previously been vaccinated, only a single booster is needed. If your rabies titer is in an acceptable range, you do not need a booster vaccination.For those being vaccinated for the first time, a series of three vaccines is required. These vaccines must be given at precise intervals (day 0, 7, and 28).The Metropolitan Health District will be administering rabies vaccines on these dates: (to be determined)You must make yourself available on these dates. If you only need a single booster, you may go on any of these dates. If you need the series of three, you must be available on all three dates. There are no "make-up" dates.Optionally, you may pick up your vaccines and have them administered by your own physician. IMPORTANT: You must have a PRESCRIPTION from an M.D. to pick up the vaccines.PAYMENT IN ADVANCE IS REQUIRED. Vaccine doses will only be available to those who ordered and paid for them.Cost for single doses: $150 per dose if administered by Metropolitan Health District $130 per dose if doses picked up (prescription required)Cost for series of three: $450 if administered by Metropolitan Health District $390 if doses picked up (prescription required)

Name Price
Additional fee of $40 per dose $40
Single Dose Administered by Metro. Health District $150
THREE Dose Series Administered by Metro. Health District $450
Single Dose picked up by prescription $130
THREE Dose Series picked up by prescription $390

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