It's your life...exercise your options

Accelerate Your Success...

Build Your Wealth...

Turbocharge Your Life...

Has your earning potential stalled due to the economy or other circumstances?

Are you fed up with being in the same endless loop waiting for something to change?

Do you feel asset rich but cash poor?

Do you truly believe that you deserve more in your life?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then this workshop is for you. Viva Dash is a wealth Education and Life Management Company. We help individuals reach their fullest possibilities and release their untapped potential.

In this ground-breaking 2 hour workshop you will unlock the combination to the keys that open the bigger you. In just one evening you will learn clearly what it takes to build consistent cash flow regardless of economic indicators.  Our program is EASY, It WORKS, and virtually ANYONE CAN DO IT.

Join us for any of three local events conducted by Michael Angelo, a 22 year veteran in wealth building and the mastery of human potential, as he shares his incredible strategies for trading Options, Stocks, FOREX and Commodities while revealing wealth attraction strategies.

You will:

  • Break through  limitations and claim what you deserve--financially and  in your life
  • Engage in powerful exercises that once and for all push you into a new level of success. You will not settle for less.
  • Discover how Stock Trading and Options potentially provide an easy, exciting way of building cash flow rapidly
  • Leverage the power of community and like minded individuals who all want more
  • Expand your  network of contacts for growth through our monthly Trader meetings

Who should attend? From novice to professional, we will demonstrate this incredible cash flow and financial growth program for any skill level.   If you want to build cash flow, have only an extra 20-30 min per day to do so, and are looking to supplement or replace current income from home to create a better quality of life and eliminate debt, then this is for you.

Best of all the event is NO COST.  Give yourself the gift of Time and Money

Dates:  Tuesday August 19th, Wednesday August 20th, or Thursday August 21st

Time:  7:00pm - 9:00pm

Presented by:  Michael Angelo

                                Viva Dash Inc.

Get on Purpose... we will see you there...

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August 19th Event Free
August 20th Event Free
August 21st Event Free

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