Idea Exchange: Virtual Economies

On April 17th of this year, Alicia Ashby of Virtual Goods News wrote that based upon performance data released by Linden Lab and despite the current downturn in world economies, Second Life's virtual economy appears to be growing.  (The news was also picked up by CNet.)

In this second in a series of Idea Exchange events hosted by GSD&M Idea City, we will invite Alicia Ashby and several other virtual world industry insiders the likes of Raph Koster of Metaplace, Richard Acton-Maher of Linden Lab, Sibley Verbeck of Electric Sheep Company, Adrienne Haik of Metaversatility, Robert Bloomberg of Metanomics, and others to join us in an open discussion about the role that virtual economies will play within the context of our real-world economic recession.

When:  Friday, May 15th, 12:00PM PDT

Where: or

This event will be a text-based discussion held simultaneously within Metaplace and Second Life.  Attendees can participate from either virtual world, and cross-world communication will be enabled via a chat bridge.  Attendees are encouraged to invite anyone they like.

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Idea Exchange talk on Virtual Economies » Raph's Website

I ’ll be at this Idea Exchange event on Virtual Economies, which is happening cross-world in SL and Metaplace today at noon PDT (which is a bit over an hour from now).

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