Venus Pole Fitness Registration Page for Open Pole Play on Monday May, 11, 2009 and Monday May 18, 2009 @ 6:15pm

Open Pole Play (freestyle practice session) Modesto Studio Only

We will guide you through a 10 minute warm up and then you will have 50 minutes to practice all you have learned in the studio as we set the lights and let the music run for you.  It is a great way to perfect previously learned spins and transitions as well as get help in proper form.

It is an uninstructed hour to practice. Time to play, workout, explore and immerse. Minimal supervision; and absolutely NO instruction of new moves. Please DO NOT ASK THE INSTRUCTOR TO SHOW YOU ANY NEW MOVEMENTS AS WELL AS ASKING OTHER STUDENTS TO "TEACH YOU" MOVES.  An instructor will always be present to answer any questions, aid you if you're having a problem with a move, or to just cheer you on when you've got it down! Movements practiced must have been learned in classes, workshops or private lesson formats. No inversions without instructor supervision.

Prerequisite:  Does NOT require you are a current student, but must have taken a prior pole class in our studio.

Pricing per class:

12 mos members $5

6 mos members $10 

Non-members $15

Name Price Fee
12 mos member pricing. 5/11/09   $5 $0.99
6 mos member pricing. 5/11/09   $10 $0.99
Non-member pricing. 5/11/09   $15 $0.99
12 mos member pricing. 5/18/09   $5 $0.99
6 mos member pricing. 5/18/09   $10 $0.99
Non-member pricing. 5/18/09   $15 $0.99