Usability: What's The Use?

Manchester Digital present a FREE usability event sponsored by PRWD.



Usability and user experience are not just new fads in the digital sector. These topics, and their perceived value to businesses, have been talked and written about many times, but lets get it straight: just exactly what is the use of usability to a company looking at improving their performance, ROI and staff efficiency?
In this FREE event Paul Rouke, User Experience Director at PRWD, and 2 guest speakers Judith Garman of AbilityNet and Pete Bagnall of SurfaceEffect, will be providing a range of real-life examples and industry insights which will help reveal some of the tangible benefits businesses can gain by embracing usability and user experience.
Through the course of the evening you will see why usability can play a significant role in the likes of e-commerce websites, B2B websites, lead generation sites, intranets, internal software systems and the development of bespoke web and software applications.

The event will be followed by drinks, some food and networking.



18.00 registration
18.30 seminar
19.50 discussion
20.15 drinks, food and networking




Who Should Come

  • Procurement staff
  • Business owners
  • Heads of IT
  • Heads of marketing
  • Consultants
  • People wanting to know about usability and its importance to businesses


Target Sectors

  • Public sector
  • Retailing
  • Manufacturing
  • Digital and creative
  • Leisure and Tourism
  • Business and Consumer Services
  • Financial Services
  • Education and Training


Event Leader Paul Rouke of PRWD

Paul is the User Experience Director at PRWD.

Having worked for 7 years in user experience at the UK’s biggest home shopping group, Shop Direct Group, Paul Rouke founded PRWD in 2006. PRWD is an acronym for ‘Productivity without Difficulty’, which reflects their approach to developing online platforms and systems which focus on allowing users to be more productive and efficient with their time whilst having an enjoyable, problem free experience.

Paul has led the development of PRWD’s best practice driven e-commerce platform UCDcommerce, as well as leading the design and development of an internal resource planning system. All platform and system development work PRWD carry out follow a User-Centered Design process, an approach which will be explained during the course of evenings event.

Paul has worked in a range of sectors including the public sector, financial services, travel and tourism, retailing and manufacturing.

Paul has applied his usability experience and expertise on well know brands such as Kays, Littlewoods, JD Williams, The Co-op, The Cotswold Company and Additions Direct, as well as a wide range of SME’s.

Paul is a member of the Usability Professionals Association (UPA) and an active member of the Northern User Experience Group.


Guest Speaker Judith Garman of AbilityNet

Judith is a usability and accessibility consultant with AbilityNet's web services team. 

Judith’s background is in software development and HCI (Human Computer Interaction), she has a Masters of research Degree in Usability from Lancaster University. Judith is a strong believer in user engagement being critical to the development of usable and accessible systems and champions this belief in all her work.

Prior to joining AbilityNet Judith worked for HSBC for 2 years as a senior usability consultant working on national and global projects across a range of devices and software.  She has also worked with Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications and Orange in usability and customer experience.  Her work has included e-commerce sites, Intranets, staff-facing applications and mobile devices.   Judith has experience of a wide range of user testing techniques both lab-based and in the field.

Judith is a member of the British HCI group and the Northern User Experience group.


Guest Speaker Pete Bagnall of SurfaceEffect

Pete is the Principal Interaction Design consultant at SurfaceEffect Ltd. He’s a strong advocate of user centered design, and has taught user research methods at Lancaster University, and at the British Computer Society’s Human-Computer Interaction conference for several years.
He’s also a practicing designer, and has worked on projects ranging from online pharmacies to project management systems, in the UK and the USA, for bluechip to small clients.
He can advise clients on developing solutions based on firm user needs, providing radical or conservative design as appropriate. Despite being a technologist by training he insists that technology must serve human needs, and not become a straight-jacket


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