Unraveling Absence


and the

Shamanic Dance-theatre Festival

in New York City


Unraveling Absence


  • Address the voices in your mind that constantly criticize your body.

  • Learn to be comfortable in your female curves.

  • Rescue the joy of living in your body.

  • Celebrate diversity in women9s bodies.

International performer and Bailaora Corazón Tierra (La Niña Boricua) offers you the dance-theatre performance Unraveling Absence and a healing journey to help you reclaim the joy of living in your body. Incorporating Flamenco and Bomba Afro-Puerto Rican dance into an interactive performance piece, Artist-shaman Corazón Tierra shares the story of how she healed from anorexia.

Unraveling Absence is a crucial experience for anyone who wants to understand at a deep level the internal world of an anorexic young woman.

Merging Flamenco and Afro-Caribbean dance, theatre, song and shamanic journeying, Corazón Tierra goes into the past, into the mind of the little girl who began to count the grains of rice, into the body of the adolescent who managed to weight at 18 years the same pounds she had weighted at 10.

Follow the ever-tightening spiral that erases her personal space, until she is almost disappearing. Experience the contraction of a woman9s inner universe as the obsession to control and protect herself shrinks her vital space.

Watch artist-shaman Corazón Tierra take on the shadows that shame women9s body, dancing them with the Shaman9s Mask Dance, until they are released from the group9s psyche. Watch her transform from an anorexic woman who is disappearing, into an exuberant Woman of Power whose presence communicates the joy of being in her body!

Then join the group in a group ceremony to celebrate your beauty and grace.

  • Relax and renew yourself with deep breathing and meditation journeys.

  • Experience a unique new genre of performance, Theatre of Transformation, covered by PBS, Channel 13 and featured in a book published by the University of Arizona Press.

  • Enjoy the exquisite dance-theatre of  Corazon Tierra, named La Niña Boricua by Flamenco masters in Seville, Spain.

  • Examine your life issues in a safe, compassionate and joyful environment, mirrored by the real-life stories unfolding on stage.

  • Explore deep issues that steal your joy with the help of two woman shamans who have helped thousands of women around the world.

  • Enjoy small group settings, with no more than 25 women per evening.

An inspiring performance, relevant storytelling, personal support and creative group experiences create the conditions of your own, unforgettable unraveling.

Thanks, partially, to a grant from The Field9s F.A.R. Space, funded by The Tides Foundation, you can now purchase tickets for these two performances at extraordinary discounts.

For this weekend only, tickets for one performance can be obtain at an amazing 75% discount.



Find out about Unraveling Absence!

Contact: Corazon Tierra

Women-only event in

New York City

One performance and a shamanic healing journey

Regular price $100

Special Price $25

This special price is only
for this week-end.

Register now and

pay at the door:

$30 each.



per evening!

This performance

is part of the

Shamanic Dance-theatre Festival

in New York City


Journeys to Joy


Get a larger discount

by purchasing tickets

for two different performances!


Two performances.

Two healing journeys.

Two artists-shamans.

For an even greater discount!





Bring a beach towel and

comfortable clothing.


This event lasts 2 hours.







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Ticket UR-Friday   Ended $25
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