Understanding the Mind: An eight week practical and knowledge based evening class in meditation and self-awareness

Understanding the Mind: An eight week practical and knowledge based evening class in self-awareness. 


Thursday evenings 8 October - 10 December 7.30pm to 10pm

Chapel Allerton, Leeds, West Yorkshire


What is the mind? How does it relate to the brain and to consciousness? How can I understand and master my everyday thoughts and emotions rather than be driven by them? How can meditation, enquiry and the insights of modern psychology help me master my mind and live a happier, more fulfilled life? If you are curious to explore questions like these, and wish to understand yourself better and improve your wellbeing, then this eight week evening class could be for you.


The course will give you a solid foundation in what is known as 'mindfulness' or 'insight meditation', a simple yet profound practice that helps us detach from the everyday chatter of our minds and gain a sense of inner peace and equanimity. To support us in our practice, there will also be teaching on what neuroscience, modern psychology, Buddhism and Yoga have to tell us about the nature of our minds. 


Understanding the Mind is one of several courses offered by ‘Insight for Wellbeing’. It is taught by Zeenat Cameron, a meditation teacher and group facilitator who has studied extensively for twenty-five years in the Buddhist, Taoist, Yogic, and Tantric traditions, and particularly in the Kaula path of Kashmiri Shaivism, under the tutelage of lineage holder Parvathi Nanda Nath Saraswati. Zeenat trained as a clinical psychologist and practiced for eighteen years as a psychotherapist. Her approach is a synergistic blend of techniques from modern psychology and the ancient wisdom traditions.


To find out more  or book a place go to www.insightforwellbeing.co.uk or contact Zeenat on 0790- 813- 2256 or email info@insightforwellbeing .co.uk

Name Price Fee
Understanding the Mind: An eight-week practical and knowledge based course in self-awareness £75 £2.52

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