Understanding the 2012 Phenomenon

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Understanding the 2012 Phenomenon in Boston



June 6th  2009
Conference, Workshops, Ceremony & Round Table
Boston MA

Courtyard Tremont Marriott Boston MA


John Major Jenkins
Daniel Pinchbeck
James O'Dea
Christine Page M.D.


Ravindra Walsh

 James O'Dea
Christine Page M.D.

Dominic Mogavero

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  • Keynotes, workshops andafter-event party.
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  • Book Signing
  • Reception
  • Water and coffee
  • Conference goodie bag

Half Day Option Day sessions $95.00 

7:30 a.m. -5:00p.m.

  • Keynotes
  • Continental breakfast and buffetlunch
  • Book Signing
  • Water and coffee
  • Conference goodie bag

Half Day Option Evening sessions $95.00 

6:30p.m-1:00 a.m

Workshops andafter-event party.

Conference goodie bag



the Emergence Project is pleased to offer a unique platform for exploring the important opportunity for growth and change that the 2012 phenomenon presents.  This special event brings together some of most thoughtful and attuned presenters and thinkers involved in the process of providing a deeper understanding of the planetary changes that lie ahead. The Emergence Project feels that the present time, through and beyond 2012, offers an amazing opportunity for growth and change. The intent of the conference is to promote wider and clearer understanding of planetary changes by offering insight, information, and tools to all participants.





*No refunds or exchanges unless event is canceled by organizer.

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