Certified NLP Practitioner Course (Over 4 Weekends)

How Will Learning NLP Benefit You? 


Neuro Linguistic Programming is used widely in business, and has found its way discretely into many courses on sales, presentations, planning, and team building. You could choose to study something narrowly applicable to one area, or you could choose to study NLP, knowing that you will be able to apply the principles widely throughout both your business and personal life. 

You can use NLP in 

·         Creating rapport with customers, partners and staff

·         Aligning work with values for greater motivation and loyalty of customers and staff

·         Setting outcomes, creatively designing effective plans

·         Detecting people’s decision making strategies

·         Public speaking and presentations 


Are you curious about how you can develop yourself, address a personal issue, or build strengths in familiar and unfamiliar areas? NLP offers a cognitive framework, a supportive environment and practical tools that can help you in many ways. The world is a place full of possibility. You can use NLP as springboard and toolkit to uncover and act with more of your full potential. 

NLP can help you 

·         Develop realisable plans that match your highest desires·         Change outdated beliefs and behaviour

·         Learn new skills and take old ones to the next level

·         Express what9s important in a variety of contexts to diverse people

·         Bring out the qualities of the people around you COACHING Many coaching training programmes borrow from NLP or use it as a base; these courses continue to attract many coaches seeking to deepen their understanding of their profession.  

·         Coaches use what they learn on an NLP course to:-

·         Managing state both for coaching and sales – and teaching these skills to  their clients

·         Understanding and communicating non-verbally

·         Noticing and utilising language patterns

·         Developing rapport and creating an atmosphere of possibility

·         Creating change rapidly and elegantly 


If you are in the teaching profession you already value and have developed the ability to impart information so that people learn. However, teachers are far from the only class of people involved in helping others learn. Helping a colleague or employee take on a new task, raising children and making presentations are all forms of teaching. 

NLP can be valuable in 

·         Identifying people’s natural learning styles

·         Developing flexibility in presentation

·         Leading learners to the best state to absorb and assimilate

·         Dealing with blocks to learning

·         Use of presuppositions and language patterns that can make learning

·         easier and faster 


Mainstream medicine is becoming increasingly clear about the link between thought, behaviour and health. Stress is acknowledged to be a causal factor in a great many illnesses. Numerous studies show behaviours like eating patterns, emotional reactions like anger, and thinking patterns like pessimism have been shown to directly affect health. That is likely to be the tip of the iceberg. You can use the tools that NLP provides to change the thinking patterns and the behaviours that they initiate to improve the health of yourself and others. Whether you are a health professional or simply want to improve the way your health impacts your life, we think that NLP has a great deal to offer, and there is little we find more satisfyingthan helping people in this area.  

NLP can help you to 

·         Create outcomes that include health

·         Manage your state- learn how to enter relaxed states that aid recovery and

·         react differently to stressful situations

·         Find meaning in life

·         Change limiting beliefs about body shape and other inherited conditions

·         Change habits and behaviours that damage your health into ones that sustain it 


Whether you are a professional athlete, an occasional amateur, a team coach or just a coach to your kids, NLP has a lot to offer. NLP can be used to maximise your performance and pleasure. 

You can apply NLP directly to 

·         State management and access to the ‘zone’

·         Setting performance goals

·         Changing limiting beliefs with regard to performance

·         Modelling and learning from leaders in the field

·         Mental rehearsal of skills

·         Relaxation, recovery and healing 


More and more organisations today are recognizing the added value that NLP brings to a variety of business activities. Whether it’s increased sales, improved relationships or better communication, NLP provides that something extra – the difference that makes the difference to business results. 

NLP can help you 

·         Add depth to your training by working on beliefs as well as behaviours

·         Get the most out of your investment by making learning sustainable·         Access some of the most powerful techniques for bringing about change

·         Provides practical ways for your people to achieve peak performance

·         Enables your people to communicate more effectively and persuasively


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