Uncle Sam Hits the Streets with Pretzel Crisps to Help New Yorkers Through Crunch Time

This year, 7 in 10 (71 percent) of Americans who expect to receive a federal tax refund for 2008 will not be spending, but saving it, investing it or using it to pay off debt. And, for those Americans who OWE taxes this year, 43% stated that they will dip into savings to pay Uncle Sam.

Getting through tax time is “crunch time” for many Americans.  From Wall Street to Main Street, On April 15th dozens of Uncle Sams will hit the streets of NYC with sixty thousand packs of crunchy Pretzel Crisps, giving consumers a stress relieving crunch to help make it through the day. 

April 15, 2009, 6:00 am to 11:00 am EST.


NYC post offices:
James Farley Post Office - 421 Eighth Avenue (Corner of 8th and 33rd)
Grand Central Post Office - 450 Lexington Avenue (Corner of 45th and Lexington)
Times Square Post Office - 340 West 42nd Street (Corner of 9th and 42nd)

From the creators and former owners of New York Style Bagel Chip Co. comes Pretzel Crisps, a unique pretzel cracker. Family owned and operated by entrepreneurial husband and wife team, Warren and Sara Wilson, the Snack Factory is based in Princeton, NJ. For more information, visit www.pretzelcrisps.com.

Name Sales End Price
Tax-Payers Ended Free

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