Twitter for Beginners - Teleseminar

This 1Hour Teleseminar is aimed at those people that have never used Twitter, or have just started and are not sure what to do, or how best to use the Service. This will be an Interactive online teleseminar, where you will be able to physically watch Mark on his PC show you what to do, where to go, and how to set things up, there will also be an opportunity to ask questions.

What will Be Covered:-

  • What is Twitter and Why You Must Consider Using it in your Marketing
  • How can Twitter Bring you more business
  • Setting up Your Twitter Account
  • How to Use Tweetdeck
  • How to send a message
  • How to view Your Messages
  • How to add followers
  • How to get followed
  • How to filter and group your messages
  • How to search for keywords and key people
  • What to tweet about and how to get more business
  • How to engage with people.. the @reply and the DM
  • How to Retweet a Message

Who is Delivering the Seminar

Mark Shaw will be delivering the seminar. He is the author of the Guide, Getting Started with Twitter, and a self confessed Twitaholic. To learn more about him, please visit his website  

How Much is It

The cost of this interactive 1 Hour teleseminar will be £30 plus VAT.

What Will I Need to Attend

This is a live Interactive teaching session. So you will need to be on a PC, and have access to a phone, or sound, so that you can both see what Mark is doing, and hear him. You will also have paid before hand.Once you have paid, we will send via email, a link which will be where the teleseminar will be held. Simply click on that link at the correct time, and you will have access to the seminar.


I met Mark through Ecademy. I was looking for new ways to promote myself and my business.I had heard of Twitter, but really had very little idea on how to use it. In just over 1 Hour with Mark, he showed me how to set up my account, how to start following people, and get followed, which twitter tools are essential and how to use them, how to automate my tweets, and basically how to get the most from Twitter. I would have no hesitation in referring others to Mark. You can follow me at Thanks Peter Burke - CBF International

Hi Mark, Thank you so much for all of your valuable help last night. I know that I would never have got to understanding and using Twitter as quickly without your valuable knowledge and petience. I am ready to become and advanced 'twitter' so bring on those teleseminars and keep me posted when they are happening. Follow me at Thanks Gail Smirthwaite - Golf Confidence Coach

I spoke to Mark about raising my visibility for my business and he suggested Twitter. I had been a member for almost a year and 2 people were following me. I had no idea how to make this work or what this would give me. Mark offered to help and teach me how to get success on Twitter. He has given me a 1-2-1 once a week for 3 lessons.

He has week for week taught me what I need to know, given me homework and then we move on. He has taught me how to set up my profile to how to get more members to follow me. From there every week, he has taught something more and it is simple to the point and done in stages which has helped me understand the system. There are things that without him I would never have been able to do..ever. Mark haas been a great support. His explanations are direct, honest and simple. I highly recommend that you work with him if you want to successfully use Twitter. You can follow me at Thanks Vicky Ross

Name Sales End Price Fee
Interactive 1 Hour teleseminar Ended £34.5 £0.86

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