More Sales, More Often

Treasure Valley Consultants' Network, in conjunction with Heather Robson of Dragonfly Media, presents this webinar that addresses the current economic outlook and discusses key statistics that show the importance of marketing through a downturn.

Learn the "Four-Legged Stool" model of business growth—three out of four possible ways to grow business revenues involve existing clients or customers rather than new customers.

  1. Acquire more customers (new customers)
  2. Increase frequency of sales (existing customers)
  3. Increase customer lifespan (existing customers)
  4. Increase average purchase size (existing and new customers)

Also, learn the cost of retention versus the cost of acquisition:

  • Fewer resources expended.
  • The power of relationships.
  • A good customer retention plan actually lets you spend more on acquisition.

In addition learn valuable retention and referral strategies such as:

  • Leveraging your client list
  • Postcards
  • Newsletters
  • Email campaigns
  • Events
  • Referral bonuses

Don't forget, the importance of running a campaign.

  • One-off efforts don’t work.
  • Each point of contact should have a specific goal… usually to move to the next point of contact or to make a sale.
  • Unclear goals lead to wasted money and frustrating results

This will be an interactive session. Hear from other business owners like you. Discuss concerns and suggest strategies. More importantly, identify problems and solutions for the months ahead.

To attend, visit the following URL on the date and time of the event:

Dial In: 702-473-3463

Pass Code:882638

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